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from Bonah-Fide Cultivation

Magical notes of skunky blueberries burst out of the jar in a floral bouquet of fruitiness.

Dive into fields of blueberries like a hungry bear on a mission with this strain worthy of the name Bonah-Fide – with the spelling as proof of the stoney buzz these berry buds provide.

Willy Wonka immortalized the innocent blueberry with the spoiled girl who turned purple, swelled up like a pufferfish and ultimately floated away at the behest of resident Oompa Loompas. While the filmmakers surely didn’t intend the scene as a drug reference, it really fits perfectly with the stoney and delightful Blueberry strain. And around these parts, you won’t get in trouble for sneaking a toke!

Grown by Bonah-Fide Cultivation, this Leaf Bowl award-winning flower is sweet, loud and proud. Magical notes of skunky blueberries burst out of the jar in a floral bouquet of fruitiness that’s complemented by a rich orange and rubbery funk, balancing the sweetness to deliver a complex flavor profile that smells good enough to eat. The buds are light green and frosty with a healthy amount of red hairs and dense structure – featuring a perfect kiefy snap evident of a careful curing process that’s sure to deliver a clean smoking experience.

First tokes are deep and earthy, with the sweetness of the berries hitting the palate on exhale and lingering with a tingle that opens airways and brightens eyes. Repeated tokes deliver sweet and smooth clouds that begin to slow the mind as a heady euphoria settles over the body like a warm jacket. It’s an old school buzz that makes you feel perfectly stoned. Grown for many years in the Valley, this Blueberry is a true 49th state classic – intense and beautiful, just like the Last Frontier.


Available at Green Jar Wasilla & Hatchers Pass

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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