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Candy Fumes

from Green Dawg Cultivators

Immediate and potent, the euphoric effects ushered in some delightful disorientation.

Howling out of a nondescript industrial park in Sacramento, Green Dawg is one of those IYKYK heavy hitters that makes the city of trees the lowkey City of Tree. 

We haven’t had one less-than-stellar offering out of this garden, owned and operated by lifelong friends and longtime growers Drew Coggio, Keegan Manning and Eliot Papas. There’s a reason these guys have cultivated some of the most hyped flower drops in the state – they’re artful masters of their craft.

When Coggio calls to let you know the Dawgs are dropping some new heat, you know it’s going to be good. 

We recently checked out two new cultivars from the grow – the bright-green gas bomb D1 (Sour Dubb x (Do-Si-Dos x Face on Fire)) bred by Always Be Flowering, and the just-released Candy Fumes (Sherbanger x Zkittles) bred by Boston Seed Co and selected from seed by Green Dawg – and began our internal fight over which was going to land the coveted Strain of the Month slot in our annual Harvest Issue. It was a squeaker, and while we love the old-school East Coast flavor of the D1, we had to go with the absolutely, positively, delectably delicious Candy Fumes. 

The chunky, trichome-dusted nugs crank up the jar appeal – they’re a rich, deep green with purple highlights and dark orange hairs. We prepped it in our Flower Mill and rolled it up, took a dry pull before lighting it, when something interesting happened…

We didn’t want to light it. 

We sat there, taking dry pulls, inhaling the fresh, uncombusted terpenes – salivary glands cranking into overdrive like we were goofy, drooly mutts.

Hints of anise, kiwifruit, savory herbs and electrified-candy, Z-terp top notes permeated the palate. With the J finally sparked, the smooth smoke retained the terpy complexity all the way to the crutch. It was, in short, a GD delight. Immediate and potent, the euphoric effects ushered in some delightful disorientation – the kind of feeling that makes you want to put on the new Zelda game and run around in a dreamlike state. Not sleepy. Simply dreamy. 

Just before this article went to print, we found out that Candy Fumes won the top dawg Flower Award at our friend Jimi Devine’s TransBay Challenge in Los Angeles. We had to chuckle. Of course it did. A pheno this good from a garden like Green Dawg’s is unstoppable. We can’t wait to see what tree they bark up next. 

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This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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