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Carrot Cake

from Freddy’s Fuego

The effects range from a goofy euphoria to a functioning-but-drooly Sativa high.

While a pirate’s favorite dessert might be Chips Ahoy, our constant search for delicious bud-booty has led to a treasure chest full of Carrot Cake.

You might hate Dad jokes, or actual Carrot Cake, but it’s impossible not to love this orangey-effervescent strain that’s beautiful in every way. My Dad’s favorite birthday treat is traditionally carrot cake, which has been a disappointment to me since my youthful days. But I daresay that after smoking a fat bowl of this strain I would happily chow down on a slice in a blissful, stoned euphoria.

Freddy’s Feugo is revered for their passion to pheno hunt, searching constantly for the next fire strain like a pirate consumed by lust for treasure. They even throw an event after each hunt, inviting fans to come try all the new flavors before voting on the best. So it’s no surprise that the Fuego team is pumping out killer new genetics constantly, all rich in terps and Cannabinoids that will get you in a “yarrr” kind of mood.

One of the newest house-bred strains to hit the market, the Carrot Cake is a combination of the FF house Ice Cream Cake & Orange Zkittlez. The creation takes the best of both parent strains, with a fizzy marmalade front that’s covered in an earthy-cake-frosting that smells good enough to eat. The buds are dense and sticky, coating fingers and filling the mind with visions of oranges being peeled by cutlasses as the bong gets loaded.

The first tokes grab the chest and rush into the frontal lobes like a THC broadside, immediately sedating the senses as the clean smoke whispers out of the lungs. Each puff carries the sweet citrus with a woodsy-skunky tang that’s complex and delicious, and repeated bowls build up into grinning, stoney bliss that settles onto the mind like an invisible stoney tricorne, and we don’t mean the frost that covers this beautiful bud.

With effects that range from a goofy euphoria to a functioning-but-drooly Sativa high that can be good for activities or Netflixing, the one thing we know for certain is that this is a powerful cut that is worthy of the Freddy’s Fuego stamp of approval.


This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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