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Dank Czar Cosmic Candy

from Dank Czar

This flower produces a high that can take you to the stars and back.

Fly over the moon and into an interstellar stoned galactic tour with the high-powered, single-source lineup of Cosmic Candy from Dank Czar.

From the early days of medical Cannabis, the team behind Dank Czar has been focused on growing the best weed for flower and hash, with the tagline “Hash Over Everything” guiding the farm in today’s recreational market. Washington has very few producers creating single-source rosin or hash, which is a term of art for the in-house ability to grow the weed and turn it into hash all from one source. This process creates the creme de la creme of Cannabis, and Dank Czar is leading the way in Washington’s market by focusing on quality and genetics to produce some of the tastiest weed and rosin available.

The Cosmic Candy is a cross of two different Moonbow cuts, a strain that was developed by the legendary Archive Seed Co. The cross of #24 with the 112 F2 makes the Cosmic Candy a third generation in-cross, or IX3, which is when two different cuts of the plant (phenotypes) are bred with each other to create a unique offspring with desirable traits from both parent plants. Almost like stardust and elements combining to form a new planet or galaxy, the Cosmic Candy is an incredibly unique representation of the Moonbow genetics that’s absolute fire in flower, rosin or oil.

Starting where it all begins, the buds are fat and juicy with a seductive and creamy gas that floats into the nose with a breathy-funky finish. Snapping a nug open lets loose a lemon-ginger-apple skunkiness, with a satisfying snap and light resin indicative of a careful cure and high oil content. First tokes are sugary and light on the lungs, exhaling with a rush of citrus that opens airways and sends a euphoric pressure to the frontal lobes. Effects are heady and happy – delivering a floaty sensation to the head above a relaxed body with a buzz that’s definitely out of this world.

There are few things better than tasting rosin from the flower just smoked, comparing and contrasting the differences in flavor and effect as they combine for a true connoisseur experience. The rosin is a beautiful cream-ish, off-white color that reeks of sour fermenting fruit with pungent terpenes that slap the senses from the jar. Low-temp dabs deliver a crisp fruity funk that doubles down on the cerebral buzz, with a high that grips the head like a tight headband of stoniness – slowing time and enhancing the senses.

By the time our trip to the stars was coming down, we topped off our buzz with the disposable vaporizer. With a sweet, earthy-gas vapor and a creamy-pine finish, it was hard to put down. And when our rocket ship finally crashed into bed, it was the Rosin Rolls joint that combined the flower and oil for a supremely heavy high, delivering a weighted blanket of THC.

With a high that can take you to the stars and back, and available across so many different formats of consumption, the Cosmic Candy by Dank Czar is the newest big bang to hit weed stores in Washington.

Moonbow #24 X Moonbow 112 F2

26% THC flower | 78% THC rosin

dankczar.com | @dankczargardens

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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