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Dank Dough

from Seattle's Private Reserve

True funk lovers will take one mighty wiff and be ready to rip into the buds.

The average American will eat 6,000 slices of pizza in their lifetime, which is a lot of dough – and a number that is surely going up in the PNW, where the Dank Dough hails from.

Our country loves dough so much we use it to describe money, which we use to buy things made from dough, which now includes this fantastic strain grown by Seattle’s Private Reserve. The Dank Dough was bred by the infamous Archive Seed Bank in Portland, where they crossed Gelato 41 with Moonbow (Zkittles x Do-Si-Dos) to create a rich and pungent strain worthy of a name synonymous with cash.

Popping open the thick glass jar sends out a woosh of sour funk that slaps the nose and settles into the air like an uncooked sourdough loaf off-gassing with a big burp. Both dank and doughy, the flower has a uniquely skunky aroma with hints of a warm compost bin and fermented lemongrass blending into a warm, sour-yeast finish. A weed connoisseur’s dream, this strain is also something you might say yuck to if it was found under the sink or wafting from the backseat of an unclean car. 

True funk lovers will take one mighty wiff and be ready to rip into the buds, which are tipped in purple and covered in frosty trichomes. Seattle’s Private Reserve is known for growing big buds high in both THC and terpenes, and they did an excellent job from start to curing these beautiful nuggets. Breaking the flower reveals a thick density with a sticky layer of hash that coats the fingers – perfect for a slow-burning blunt or bowl. 

We loaded our trusty Leaf bong and took a mighty rip, relishing the sharp bite of the funk in the nostrils, and loving the rush that left our eyes watering as the effects gripped the frontal lobes. After a few tokes, we felt the robust daze of Gelato 41 mixing with the hazy energy of the Moonbow for a powerful and relaxing high without any physical energy drain, although mentally it’s definitely a strong sedative. This phenotype from SPR is a heavy-hitter, so expect to be spectacularly stoned after indulging in the Dank Dough at any time of day. And whether it’s doughnuts, pizza or a different dough-filled creation, prepare for the munchies when indulging in this blessedly calorie-free strain.

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