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from Jahlibyrd

The farm’s Entourage strain boasts a true 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

In a market that often prizes sky-high THC numbers above other characteristics, finding solid CBD-rich Cannabis flower can be difficult. 

By way of a chance encounter at The Emerald Cup, we stumbled across this soothing strain after meeting Sky High Rutherford from Jahlibyrd, a farm nestled in Northern California’s Sierra Nevada Foothills. 

Some of you may recognize the sungrown farm’s logo from its marquee sponsorship of the legendary Cali Roots music festival, as the cultivators are well known for their passion for reggae music – as illustrated by the farm’s name, a blending of “Jah,” the Rastafarian term for God, with “Yali,” the ancient, mythological part-lion, part-elephant protectors of Hindu temples. 

The farm’s Entourage strain boasts a true 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, a rarity in the current landscape. Named after the Entourage Effect, which describes the interplay of different cannabinoids and terpenoids in a strain’s cumulative impact on the body, it’s a genetic cross of Game Changer x Game Changer (Purple Dragon x Green Thai). According to Rutherford, the farm landed on Entourage by a stroke of luck during a pheno hunt – a half dozen plants showcased a high level of CBD and the team decided to keep two of them, resulting in the creation of the new strain. 

The buds display sticky green calyxes with occasional shocks of purple, and give off aromas of earth, chamomile and citrus. Flavors of hops with a cherry cordial top note often found in CBD-rich strains balance a foundation of pine. 

The effect is immediately relaxing, like sloughing off a heavy backpack, and develops into an easygoing euphoria. It’s a great strain for relaxing at the end of a rough day, bringing a bit of self-care to your flower stash. 

This article was originally published in the January 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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