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Flyin Hawaiian 23

from 1937 Farms

Each nug is so frosted and tightly trimmed that it feels almost wrong to break up.

With June gloom creeping and summer plans needing a hit of sunshine, the Flyin Hawaiian 23 delivers a tropical wave of gas and fruit that’s a one-way ticket to a mental vacation, no TSA search required.

Sunshine is life, which is why our favorite plant needs so many lumens to load up on trichomes and terpenes. We humans also need our sunshine, extra vitamin D in the PNW, time to ground our bare feet in the dirt, and plant-based medicines that heal while getting us high. The Flyin Hawaiian is a Breeder’s Batch cross of Truffaloha 1 x Chimera 3, which together deliver a beautiful dark purple flower that’s frosted in glistening trichomes that sparkle from the glass jar.

First whiffs send the mind floating in a rainbow of warming gassy melons and ripe minerally berries that float in a doughy-sappy-honey with a golden terpy nectar finish. Each nug is so frosted and tightly trimmed that it feels almost wrong to break up, but the desire to smoke led us to break up the lighter-density buds, loading easily into a bowl while maintaining trichomes.

A rich whirl of red wine earthy guava coats the palate on a non-lit puff before sparking a bowl, which burns gently and smoothly into gentle tokes of honeyed tropics that blow the mind on a new course like a gusty trade wind. Delightfully stoney while uplifting, this happy-durr buzz is perfect for any activity not involving a motorized vehicle. Repeated hits stay sweet and smooth, releasing the mind from stress and that burdensome inner monologue to float free in a wave of euphoric island time that’s ready for a paddleboard sesh or a tropical drone VR YouTube binge.

Grown in Duvall, Washington, the McCoy brothers Jeffrey and Matt started 1937 Farms in 2016 with a passion for Cannabis and a unique, family-operated grow that’s uniquely Northwest. Jeffrey is a plant lover whose home is loaded with hundreds of individually potted, non-Cannabis varieties that are a botanist’s dream. Matt was a high-energy NFL linebacker for the Seahawks, who’s now on a mission to deliver hits of Cannabis instead of leveling quarterbacks. 

The entire 1937 Farms team has built a brand known for their pheno-hunted, hand-watered and trimmed genetics that are presented with the care for detail it takes to play at the highest level. Flyin Hawaiian won Best Tropical/Floral in the Leaf Bowl this March, clinching a winning reputation, along with the White Truffle Bx4 winning Best Sweets & Dreams and Tricho Jordan winning Best Exotic. 

This triple crown of Leaf Bowl-winning strains in the indoor category highlights how craft Cannabis grown commercially can win awards. With a new expansion project and climate-controlled greenhouses set to deliver even more 1937 Farms flower and products to the market, it’s safe to say that the future looks bright for a family farm that’s having a bigger impact than a flying Matt McCoy tackle.

1937cannabis.com | @1937farms

This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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