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G-Spot Single Source Hash Rosin 90u-159u

from Royal Tree

We found our minds wrapped in a dazed euphoria.

We’ll let your imagination determine why this cross of Gushers – a super fruity strain – and the complex and sedating Peanut Butter Breath combine to make magic … but regardless, the overwhelming flavor and effects will have you gripping the sheets on a wild indica ride. 

Some strain names make sense, even if they sound gross – like Cat Piss or Head Cheese. Others might be a little cringe, like the Green Crack or Fish Scales. Then there’s the unicorn strains that have such an intense name that it might make you blush … or get on Google. This unique strain, that’s luckily workplace friendly (by our standards), is known as G-Spot – and it’s the perfect powerplay to turn things up, and maybe even on.

We certainly got a bonger when first eye-smoking the dark purple, frosty buds with a spattering of red hairs amongst a forest of trichomes. This is eye candy weed that glistens under a cell phone flashlight, and the glass jar keeps this fresh weed optimal for smoking. Breaking up the flower has a thick, pillowy density and a satisfying stickiness that releases a fermented chem-rubber-orange peel that gets even more sour at the center of each nug. It’s in your face, sickeningly sweet like a poisoned green apple – with an almost overwhelming dark pepper and tires, signaling to the brain that this fruit will fuck you up.

First inhales are full of a sharp gas that’s balanced by a sweeter orange-peel tang, with a slow, clean burn and gentle exhales. This strain builds effects steadily, and at the same time brings a rubbery, weedy flavor that coats the palate and reminds us of how resinated the bud is (which is also why it washes into spectacular hash). We found our minds wrapped in a dazed euphoria with a relaxed, floaty body high that makes everyday life feel magical – as long as we weren’t doing anything too serious. This is a fun strain – meant for comfy blankets and indulgence – not a cleaning or study-buddy high.

Grown with a focus on craft and unique strains, Royal Tree has expanded their tasty flower lineup into the hash rosin game – offering single-source solventless hash rosin that’s a potent and dabbable treat created from their top shelf flower. The golden rosin glistens with terps that smack the palate when giving it a sniff, engulfing senses in a vanilla, frosted-gas funk with a citrus kiss. It’s always excellent to try a strain in flower and concentrate form, and nothing is more worthy of a Royal Tree pairing than dabbing hash rosin … flooding the mind and senses in a rush of sedating euphoria that’s worthy of the name G-Spot.

royaltreegardens.com | @royaltree.gardens

This article was originally published in the January 2024 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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