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Glazed Donut

from Captain Yeti

The buds are substantial in size, with a thick layer of trichomes glazing the flower with THC just like a donut.

Embrace the sweet sugary rush of the Glazed Donut, a euphoric and heady way to start a wake-and-bake adventure.

Nothing goes together quite like donuts and Cannabis, except maybe a cup of coffee … which really has us wondering why cops haven’t legalized weed for themselves. We believe that Cannabis would probably help with PTSD and stress better than pharmaceuticals and alcohol, but that’s a different conversation. Luckily for us, these nuggets of Glazed Donut are ready to get you freshly baked at a local Cannabis retailer – where we celebrate the adventure of buying weed in a store and not gas station parking lots like ganja-seeking generations before us.

Opening a jar of bountiful nugs releases a fizzy, fruity jam aroma with an enticingly warm doughy flavor that gives us a baked goods trigger warning – tricking our senses into thinking a delicious donut was about to get munched. The buds are substantial in size, with a thick layer of trichomes glazing the flower with THC just like a donut. Snapping it open reveals a proper cure and a huge rush of cherries, berries and earthy, kushy gas.

Loading a bowl coats fingers in sticky trichomes as the dense buds are broken down into a fluffy, layered bowl of fruity goodness. First hits are hashy and sweet, doubling down on the jammy berries with a sharp bite of lemony gas that coats the palate and brightens senses. The flower smokes super smooth, burning slow and easy with big hits and gentle exhales – allowing the effects to wrap around the mind and body in preparation for stoney liftoff.

The Glazed Donut is a unique hybrid that is heavy on the body but euphoric and uplifting mentally, making it perfect for adventures that push the body as the mind floats happily above. So load up your stoner travel bag with Glazed Donuts and some treats for when the munchies hit – it’s a surefire way to make the summer sunshine that much sweeter. 


This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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