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GOOD Cannabis’ Tangie

from GOOD Cannabis

A rush of bright citrus flavor that smells like fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Like a freshly-picked orange from a sun-kissed grove, inhaling the sweet flavors of Tangie delivers summertime vibes one citrus-forward toke at a time.

GOOD Cannabis follows through on its mission to be good people, do good for the community, and always deliver good products. And while we love the name GOOD, this Tangie is better than good … it’s fantastic! Grown in-house and available at both GOOD’s store in Fairbanks and around the state, their Tangie is a staple that belongs in every stash – like orange juice in the fridge.

There is a magical feeling that comes with Cannabis that carries flavors from everyday life into the smoking experience. Popping open a bottle of this beautiful flower releases a rush of bright citrus flavor that smells like fresh-squeezed orange juice, with a delightful earthy-skunk finish that adds complexity and a taste of true dankness. The buds have a beautiful compact shape with pointed, frosty tips and a heavy coating of trichomes covering every inch. Cured perfectly with a satisfying snap, the bud breaks up easily and is ready for any form of consumption.

We love testing new strains from our trusty Leaf bong, so we loaded up a fat bowl with sticky fingers – our stomachs growling from the delicious flavor emanating from the freshly broken up weed. But this flavor is for smoking – the munchies will certainly come later – so we ripped into the bowl and reveled in the syrupy, warm and light smoke that filled our lungs and minds with sunny rays of stoniness.

The mark of high-end Cannabis is delivering the bag flavor through to the smoking experience, and this is a perfect example of a smoke that tastes as delicious as the buds themselves. It’s hard to stop smoking this sugary citrus treat, with repeated hits filling the mind and body with an energetic, happily glowing vibe that feels entirely like summer in a toke. 

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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