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Grape Velvet

from Legacy Organics

This strain lives up to its name with a velvety pull that leaves you feeling relaxed and in a euphoric state of mind.

Smooth and sensual like real velvet, this terpy strain will wrap you up in a warm and fuzzy buzz, before tucking you in with a THC-filled blanket that covers the mind and body in relaxing, euphoric effects.

A good cuddle with a soft blanket is wonderful no matter what time of year it is, especially when the AC is kicking and a delightful shiver passes through the body when it’s scorching outside. It’s in that spirit that we embraced the Grape Velvet strain from Legacy Organics – a cross of Peanut Butter and Jelly x Red Velvet Cookies from this month’s featured farm. Grown in a living soil biosphere inside of a one-of-a-kind greenhouse, Legacy is growing for terpene production and sustainability, and doing a fantastic job! Check out their story on Page 32 for the entire breakdown on their science-based growing practices.

Nestled inside beautiful packaging are equally-gorgeous, hand-trimmed nuggets that have a purple hue and red hairs that look like the parental PB&J, with a healthy coating of trichomes that promise a heady buzz. Opening the jar takes the senses on a dive into vibrant terpenes, with a warming earthy-nutty-cookies mashing together with robust red berries and a zing of fizzy-citrus-vanilla, resulting in a complex flavor profile that smells tasty enough to eat.

The grape-sized nuggets have a medium, pillowy density with a satisfying snap that releases a rush of floral berries and cookies that tease the senses, as the fingers get a light coating of trichomes while loading a bowl. Taking a rip rushes a super-clean smoke into the lungs, coating the palate in a bouquet of grape before exhaling with an earthy-cookies kick. Repeated tokes maintain the smoothly-sweet smoke that can only come from living soil growing – keeping the tasty flavor from the start, all the way to the white-ash finish.

Effects start at the crown of the head, as the brain gets a rush of cannabinoids that slowly melt into the frontal lobes, slowing thoughts as a smiley euphoria takes hold of the mind. As the high builds and a few more tokes are taken, the relaxation reaches the body – loosening muscles and erasing tension as breathing and movements begin to flow in unison. Whatever the next adventure is, digital or analog in the woods, the terpy lineup of tasty strains from Legacy Organics has the perfect buzz for you – starting with a Grape Velvet hug.

Bong by MyBudVase | MyBudVase.com

This article was originally published in the July 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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