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Half Pint #4

from Tower Three LLC

This is a seductive bud.

It’s great to see your friends succeed, especially when you’ve shared similar passions for many years – which is why the team at Tower Three LLC really impressed me after I visited their state-of-the-art grow facility in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Growing veganic in 100% living soil, Tower Three is producing some truly high-grade flower that outshines the competition and positions them as a leading force for exotic flower cultivation in the state. Putting it to the test, I grabbed myself an eighth of their signature strain Half Pint #4. This cross of Horchata x Runtz is bred by WyEast Farms from Neptune Seed Bank – who is also the greenhand behind the strains Marshmallow OG, Trufflez and Terdz.

Seeing the plant growing is a real treat. The buds have gorgeous tones of pink and deep purple, which makes the plant look like something out of High Times in the ‘90s. Upon seeing the properly cured flower, it boasts an immaculate presentation and almost untouched appearance. It’s obvious these cultivators are growing for quality, not quantity. It’s almost a shame to crack the nugs because each is a hand-trimmed work of art – so much love and care is taken throughout the entire process.

Light-purple calyxes flow through dark-pine colors of green, intermeshed with deep-orange hairs. Half Pint’s tightly-packed nugs are dripping in huge resin heads. And while you’ll love breaking up and smoking this weed, make sure you have some rubbing alcohol ready for your fingers because they’re going to get sticky.

All types of funk jump out at you from this little jar. Breaking down the flower filled my entire house with dankness – picking up slight notes of cheese funk initially, along with the lovely and powerful scent of Sour Runtz.

This is a seductive bud. Every aspect of this strain is enjoyable to experience. I puffed on it all day long, which left me in a terp-coma by midday. I fully recommend sourcing Tower Three LLC flower from select dispensaries in Massachusetts if you’re looking for some of that serious zaza.

Available at:
Triple K – Mashpee, MA
1 Connection – North Dighton, MA
Garden Wonders – Millville, MA
Cookies – Worcester, MA

This article was originally published in the November 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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