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Hash Burger

from Rocket Cannabis

A thick and pungent odor that is undeniably hashy and delicious.

Welcome to Hash Burger, home of the Hash Burger. Can I take your order?

For all my millennials and Nickelodeon classic lovers out there, Kenan and Kel was in many ways a stoner teen show … minus the weed. The “Good Burger” skit continues to be a classic, just like Kel’s love for Orange Soda – a truly underrated refreshment when it comes to curing a case of cottonmouth. Which ties this all together, because smoking the Hash Burger from Rocket Cannabis is definitely going to leave you parched and baked in the most lovely of ways.

A cross between the Han Solo Hash Plant and Double Burger, the Hash Burger carries a thick and pungent odor that is undeniably hashy and delicious. Opening the jar releases an oozing sour-lemon gas with a raw, funky-earthy-pine rush that finishes with a mineraly, hashy tang that’s as complex as a fine wine. The buds have a beautiful structure with frosted purple coloring and a medium-light density, breaking up easily while coating fingers in sticky trichomes, hinting at the reason this plant has hash in its name.

First tokes send a syrupy and thick smoke into the lungs that’s exceptionally smooth, exhaling with a pungent rush of hashy gas that leaves the palate tingling. The burn is clean and consistent, and after a few bowls we found ourselves feeling floaty with a cerebral rush flooding the brain. This is a sedating strain that doesn’t cloud the mind, which is helpful for pain management and stress relief. 

It’s a heavy high though (despite the fun name), and it’s the type of buzz that makes no mistake that you are completely stoned – like a goofy hat that nobody can see, but everyone can smell on you. So get ready for a supersized bowl (different silver screen reference, I know) and take a big rip of the Hash Burger by Rocket Cannabis.

rocketcannabis.com | @rocketcannabis

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