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Kosher Kush & Sour Garlic Cookies

from No Mids

Combining these two flowers is a perfect way to enjoy a lazy Summer day.

In our first ever dual strain of the month, we decided to enjoy the sweet subtle flavor of the Kosher Kush with the powerful Sour Garlic Cookies, combining for a unique high that melts both mind and body into a perfectly chill quarantine vibe.

No Mids is a new to Washington producer focused on growing top shelf flowers, no average buds allowed. When we went to sample their line-up and pick a single strain to feature, we couldn’t pick just one and embraced the idea that more is always better. Next thing you know we were diving into the Sour Garlic Cookies and Kosher Kush for a double-tap experience worthy of sharing.

The Sour Garlic Cookies smells like my friend Jerry’s grandfather’s house, with a straight-up heavy garlic and a follow-up of kushy gas that smells like an old man’s muscle rub. In short, it’s funky and sour, but the exhale is surprisingly light flavored with a mouthfeel that is all cookies. The effects of this beautiful dark green and crystally flower punch you in the face with an indica body rush that slowly melts down into the body with sedative and drooly vibes.

While that might seem like more than enough stoniness for one sesh, after smoking such a sour-power flower, a little sweetness is just what the doctor ordered. The Kosher Kush is a beautiful purple tinged flower with frosty trichomes and a dense, sticky bud structure. Snapping one of these gorgeous nugs open reveals deep grape kush notes, with a rich floral  and vanilla-honey-lavender flavor that lingers on sticky fingers after the bud has been put down.

Both flowers are exceptionally cured and flushed, but the Kosher Kush takes the prize for the sweetest and cleanest smoke – highlighted by its easy exhale that ushers in a happy and heavy-behind-the-eyes high. A headband style halo high forms around the mind, loosening up some of the Sour Garlic Cookies’ cobwebs, leaving the mind free to wander while the body stays firmly glued to the couch.

Combining these two flowers is a perfect way to enjoy a lazy Summer day, where the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how to cure the insatiable munchies that follow a proper sesh.

This article was originally published in the July 2020 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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