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Lemon Banana Sherbet Hella Loud

from Crockett Family Farms

Opening a jar unleashes a wave of hashy lemons that crash into sugary and creamy banana notes.

Smells and flavor profiles have an incredible power to transport the mind to past memories and create lasting neurological impressions that can be triggered many years later with a simple wiff. 

The Lemon Banana Sherbet carries that power, with a uniquely sweet and hashy flavor. But it’s also so powerful that you’re likely to forget everything from your keys to why your fingers are so sticky after smoking a bowl. And as much as we love memories of Trix strawberry banana yogurt and the bliss of childhood that this strain triggers, we definitely prefer getting completely stoned and enjoying the moment with big hits from the bong.

The Lemon Banana Sherbet was bred by Crockett Family Farms, combining Lemon Skunk and Sour Banana Sherbet for a cross that brings out the best of both parents. Hella Loud is a newer to 502 company putting a ton of love and energy into their unique Cannabis offerings, and the results are stunning in this sweet and sultry strain. Opening a jar unleashes a wave of hashy lemons that crash into sugary and creamy banana notes, with an extra helping of skunk on the backside. Rich, creamy and elegant, this is a strain that truly smells like its namesake in the best way possible.

First inhales are sugary and lightly spicy, rushing into the lungs with warming smoke that leaves a creamy and earthy film on the palate after a tingly exhale. Initial effects start in the mind, slowing thoughts and filling the brain with a warming, giggly fog. Happy and content, this is a ‘go frolic in the sunshine’ type strain that makes any activity feel like the best thing ever, while letting go of stress and burdens of daily life. 

After a few more tokes and time for the high to set in, the Indica parentage settles in stronger in the body, imparting an overall glowing feeling that will make any day a special one. Look to this end of Summer treat to escape the doldrums of phases and lockdowns, embracing the childlike wonder of getting completely stoned for that reason alone.

This article was originally published in the September 2020 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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