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Lost At Sea

from Alaska Frosted Flowers

Sweet, fruity and gassy, with notes of citrus and cheesy apples dominating the exhalation.

Coast into the deep and dark waters of the uniquely Alaskan strain Lost At Sea … whose genetics are a mystery, but effects are as real as the tides and waves of stoniness that wash the mind into a blissful calm.

The only difference between being ‘lost at sea’ and a ‘vacation from humanity’ is whether or not you remembered to pack your stash. They say it’s always important to be prepared, especially when you head out into the unknown of the ocean – but would it really be all that bad if you could spend the whole time getting high? These are the types of thoughts that creep into the mind after big tokes of this aptly-named strain.

Grown in Alaska for many years, the legend I was told is that Lost At Sea came from a lone seed in a trim tray that was allowed to flower and deliver its bounty. Cannabis strains sometimes drop a seed or two even when not pollinated or intentionally producing seeds, but most people bemoan their bad luck and toss the potential gift from the weed gods. That’s my favorite part about this strain – the lost and found nature that speaks to all of us in our journey before and after Cannabis.

Popping your nose into a deli-style jar of the buds at Green Jar fills the senses with warming blueberry and woodsy-piney gas, with a touch of Kush to wrap it all up. Complex and rich, there’s a spiciness that teases the senses while breaking up the super-frosty and well-cured nugs. The light-green buds are coated in trichomes and a few red hairs, making for a beautiful flower that breaks up easily into a bowl or joint.

First tokes are sweet, fruity and gassy, with notes of citrus and cheesy apples dominating the exhalation. Repeated tokes are smooth and stay sweet – so much so that the cleanliness of the exhale kept us coming back for more. Effects settle over the mind like a warm, fur-lined hood being pulled over the head, comforting and warming while sending a happy and relaxed vibe to the extremities. Definitely an indica by nature (but with a cerebral joy that can make even swabbing the decks fun), this is the perfect strain to occupy the mind and free the body – as well as the one we’d be sure to pack in our oceanic go-bag. Luckily our herbs don’t need to come in by ship and we can easily head to Green Jar in the Valley for an Alaska Frosted Flowers daytrip … no paddles required.

Available at Green Jar Locations

This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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