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Cake Mints and Platinum Garlic Cookies

from LOWD Cannabis

The always fantastic LOWD Cannabis out of Portland, Oregon never disappoints.

In our first-ever Strains of the Month, we selected the heavy-hitting Platinum Garlic Cookies and the almighty Cake Mints, both producing a flavorsome smoking experience and stress-relieving high. Portland-based producer LOWD Cannabis hooked us up with a ton of their strain offerings, and it was impossible to pick just one. Variety is the key to life – and some things go better together.  

LOWD is constantly setting the bar higher and leading by example in a market that could use some improvement when it comes to diversity. Co-founder Jesce Horton and his wife Jeanette created the NuLeaf Project, a social justice organization that increases successful outcomes for Cannabis businesses owned by people of color by providing various services and resources.

LOWD prides themselves on their ability to pheno-hunt to perfection and provide an experience that allows you to smoke like a grower. Their SLAG (Smoke Like A Grower) jars aim to give consumers a taste of what it is like to enjoy the best and prettiest nugs possible, as most producers do. Each nug found in the SLAG jars has been handled with the utmost care, only seeing around three sets of hands in total before being trimmed directly into the jar. Currently, you can find SLAG jars in quarter and half-ounce amounts.

Crossing Wedding Cake F3 and Kush Mints #11, this delectable cultivar marries two of the best genetics currently found on the market. Breaking into these gorgeous nugs revealed breathtakingly bright neon green frosted leaves covered with trichomes accompanied by bursts of rich purple hues. Cake Mints quite simply checks all of the boxes. Looks, smell, taste and effects of this flower from LOWD are on another level. The pungently sweet, sugary and doughy flavor profile had our team blown away. The flavor transferred over perfectly from smell to smoke, staining our palates with the most desirable gaseous and pastry-like flavors. Whether smoked in a bowl, joint, bong or vaporizer, the confectionary aftertaste carries over every time – leaving you licking your lips, wanting more. As the effects are calming and soothing, this cultivar would be ideal for those looking for a way to unwind and relax. 

Platinum Garlic Cookies is a profusely gassy cross of Platinum GSC and the crowd favorite GMO. Opening the SLAG jar revealed buds that look like they are almost coated in snow, with trichomes caking each nug. The aroma hits you like a ton of bricks, and the effect is nothing short of that either. Offensive odors of petrol combined with garlic filled the room as I broke down some buds by hand. You can tell a lot of love is put into their drying and curing process, as there is no grinder needed for LOWD flowers. While burning a fat joint, my palate experienced the same nuances I encountered while smelling the flower, leaving my mouth coated with a piney and gasoline-like taste. Make sure to have some time squared away for this strain, as the effects are super sedating and heavy. 

Smoking both of these strains separately over a day will certainly have all of your anxiety relieved and make your headspace a happy place to be. Sign up for the LOWD email list and gain access to their monthly exclusives and limited SLAG jar releases! 

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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