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Melvin Z

from Field Day Cannabis

The smoke is so clean it feels like sipping a freshly squeezed Cannabis plant.

Can you imagine speed dating with strains instead of socially awkward folks in need of love? Hello, my name is Melvin Z – I’m frosty, smell fantastic and I’m totally willing to get you stoned on our first date!

It’s not every day that we discover a new strain of delicious Cannabis born and bred in the PNW, but this month we get to honor a strain that sounds like a person, but is most definitely a crystally and terpy cut grown by Field Day. 

Like most legends, Melvin Z by Field Day Cannabis comes from a lineage of tasty genetics, which through breeding amplified unique terps and traits – ultimately making this strain as special as it is. Developed by crossing the Zkittlez ‘Wonderland Cut’ (made from crossing Grape Ape x Grapefruit) and One Z (The One x ‘Z-Cubed’ – a Zkittlez backcross) has led to a frosty, dense and beautiful flower with genetic traits that stand out due to the time and effort it took to develop the entire strain family.

Which leads us to ask: What’s in a name? “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet,” said William Shakespeare – who likely wrote those words high on weed, as historical evidence now suggests. But even the late great Shakespeare would have been tongue-tied after a few fat bong hits of the soon to be infamous, Melvin Z.

Starting with bag appeal, this flower is simply gorgeous! The Melvin Z has a heavy coating of thick trichomes covering lime green and purple-tipped buds, with large, elongated foxtails and a thick density and structure that snaps with a rich, sticky pop as we load a fat bong hit. Breaking up the bud releases a warming rush of tropical-earthy-citrus that washes over our headspace, perking us up while tickling nostrils with a perfect sour-berry-grapefruit finish that smells good enough to lick. 

First tokes amplify the sweet gas on inhale, filling the lungs before exiting with a superbly smooth exhale that leaves the palate tingling with a sour-woodsy kiss. The smoke is so clean it feels like sipping a freshly squeezed Cannabis plant, making it hard to stop taking repeated tokes as effects start to cover the mind and body like a stoney blanket. 

Melvin Z really shines with a high that comes from the indica dominant Zkittlez blending with the energetic and euphoric effects of the One Z, creating a buzz that is both mentally active and physically sedative. A true hippie speedball, we found our minds free-floating in euphoria while our body slowly relaxed into a flexible blob. After several bowls and a solid half-hour of stoned mental preparation, we found ourselves happily baked and ready for action. Perfect for outdoor shenanigans or a blazed holiday shopping trip, the Melvin Z is a wonderful winter accompaniment for your next Field Day adventure.

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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