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Lemon Agave

from Paris Cannabis

Paris Cannabis Lemon Agave brings on delicious citrus characteristics.

It’s been said that “Paris is not a city, it’s a world.” To which we would add, “Paris is a vibe” – and one you can experience via Paris Cannabis’ Lemon Agave right here in the rainy PNW this spring.

Picking a Cannabis strain or brand from menus full of brightly packaged mids in Washington can be tough, and using a feeling to dictate a purchase makes sense when you can’t smell or feel the buds inside a bag. We were immediately drawn to the “pesticide-free” label on the top of the jar, as well as the strain specific information and genetic lineage listed on the label of the Lemon Agave. The Eiffel Tower sealed the deal, along with the beautiful purple tinged frosty nuggets inside the jar, convincing us to follow our hippie senses and pick up this beautiful flower.

Opening a jar releases a warm, sweet cloud of lemon sap that stimulates the stomach as much as the mind with rich, delicious flavor. The lemon notes are the icing on the deeper skunk cake, complementing the funkier aromas of the GMO that balance this strain in a perfect flavor combination that can only be found in top shelf Cannabis. Each tightly hand-trimmed bud is covered in a thick layer of trichomes, with a perfect snap and cure that begs to be loaded and smoked.

We packed a bong load full of this syrupy sativa strain, ripping into the lemony-earthy flavor and filling the mind and body with a happy, slow motion speedball energy. First inhales were smooth and sweet, with bright and fizzy lemon taking the lead, followed by a deeper earthy and sour note that unveiled on the exhale. Effects rush quickly into the mind, slowing thoughts and focusing consciousness on the act of breathing in … and exhaling more Cannabis. 

To call this treat a sativa underscores the heavy effects of stoney happiness that smother the senses within minutes of consumption. It feels like the first minutes of waking up after a refreshing night’s sleep. The body is full of potential energy and the mind is full of thoughts and goals and ideas, but somehow the thick potent sense of rest keeps the body in suspended animation for a few minutes before popping up for the day. 

Think of this weed like suspended animation, but with the power to find snacks and get shit done. Which is really all we’ve asked for since entering the perpetual state of stoned lockdown one year ago. So escape the boredom (if not the repetition) of the day and get with the Paris vibe, courtesy of this transcendental Lemon Agave flower.

This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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