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Koffee Breath by Passion Flower

from Passion Flower

Koffee Breath from Passion Flower lives up to its name, providing flavor and uplifting energy with every bowl.

There is no sweeter combination in life than that of Cannabis and coffee, and the Washington-bred Koffee Breath strain from Passion Flower blends the rich earthy flavors of coffee with a bright and gassy spark that fills the body and mind with a warming, euphoric high.

The proverbial hippie speedball is beloved for the fight between the uplifting effects of coffee and the typically stoney vibes that Cannabis brings to the mix. While the Koffee Breath cultivar doesn’t actually have any caffeine in it, this cross bred by Pacific NW Roots of Kaya’s Koffee and OG Kush Breath is a perfect marriage of flavor and effect that will leave you feeling energized and happily stoned. 

PNW Roots is known for heavy resin producing strains and fantastic hash, so we were ecstatic to hear that Passion Flower was taking their “pesticide-free love for each plant” growing model and applying it to such renowned genetics. While Passion Flower is a new brand, it has sprouted from the lush science-driven gardens of Fairwinds Manufacturing, where the same dedication to developing quality Cannabis products has led to top shelf flower and concentrates under the new brand – with the clear cut motto that “pesticides are gross.”

The Koffee Breath flower has a light lime green coloring with a sprinkle of orange hairs, and a hashy frost of trichomes coating a pillow-like consistency, feeling squishy and fluffy when pinched between fingers. Breaking open a nugget reveals a medium density despite the softness of the flower, and a perfect cure that has maximized the amount of THC on every inch of bud structure. 

First flavor notes from the bag are warming, with grassy lemon peel melting with earthy cocoa-coffee and a finishing flavor of fragrant gas and piney-rose. Sweet and complex, but with a gentle aromatherapy delivery, the Koffee Breath fills the air and lungs with a fragrance that heightens the senses while relaxing the mind and body.

First tokes are extremely clean, with entire bowls burning down into a perfect pile of white ash. When Cannabis is grown expertly and without pesticides or heavy salts, the flower is able to transfer full flavor and effects in a way that feels good in the lungs – even when taking massive bong tokes. Hits exhale with little to no cough as the smoke coats the palate with a lemon-hash zest, which quickly leads to a tingly head high before melting into the body. 

We found a euphoric energy that delivered a happy, day-bettering head high while calming the body in a relaxed, pain-free floating sensation. Perfect for day or nighttime use, Koffee Breath delivers joy and great flavor in a clean, grown with love vibe that is as intoxicatingly nice as the weed is delicious.

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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