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PB & Jane

from Lumpy’s

A flash of gas followed by sweet fruit that’s colored in-and-outside the lines with an oily, chemy edge.

PB & Jane (Peanut Butter Breath x Cherry Jane) by Lumpy’s

Sacramento has really settled into its role as home to some of the state’s hottest Cannabis producers and Lumpy’s is one of SacTown’s premiere legacy craft brands. Famous for strains like Apple Fritter and Reckless Rainbow, Lumpy’s has been pushing out heat since their owner and originator Jayson first came up with the brand name to use on message boards back in 2012. 

When the Lumpy’s crew started looking for new strains two years ago, they decided to cross their Cherry Jane (Pink Lemonade x Cherry Pie) with Peanut Butter Breath (Do-Si-Dos x Mendo Breath). What they ended up with were two different phenotypes that were huge hits with their R&D team. While their Peanut Butter Toast has a strong funky smell and a dark green complexion, it’s the sweeter and more Cherry Jane-looking pheno that stopped us in our tracks: a ruddy, sparkling flower called PB & Jane that off-gasses a nose-burning peanut-buttery aroma with fruit notes. 

Having tried both, I can agree that the look on these buds carries those deep purple tones that you’d find in Thrifty’s Bing Cherry Ice Cream. This pheno might look like the Cherry Jane, but the smell coming out of the bag is like the kind of old fruit air freshener you’d find in a mechanic’s shop. It’s a flash of gas followed by sweet fruit that’s colored in-and-outside the lines with an oily, chemy edge. 

The dry inhale sees the fruit pull away and the Peanut Butter Breath blossom into a sweet licorice spice drop. As you start smoking, a smooth peanut butter flavor coats the sides of your mouth in a jiffy. This gassy, nutty funk dominates the flavor of this strain. Though the fruit from the Cherry Jane does try to peek its head back in the door from time to time, it only gets as far as the aftertaste before the PBB launches a sandal at its head.

This is definitely one of the funkier and gassier flavors from the Lumpy’s stable – one that you’ll not only want to smoke but also compare to the other phenotype – just to know and experience the difference. Because knowing, as they say, is half the battle (though I think they left out smoking as the other half).

Web: lumpysflowers.com

Social: @lumpysflowers


Total THC: 33.9%

Total CBD: 0.0754%

Total Cannabinoids: 37.7%

Total Terpenes: 3.18%

This article was originally published in the May 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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