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Poisoned Punch (Orange Poison X Purple Punch)

from SubX

A wave of fizzy-fuelly dark berries, with a tang of lemon-vanilla cake frosting that smells dankly delicious.

Take a sip from the fruity and fizzy Poisoned Punch from SubX – the perfect smokable companion to our annual Tannins & Terpenes issue.

“Who spiked the punch bowl?” seems to be a universal party laugher, but that’s with alcohol, which is easy to avoid and wears off quickly. When the punch bowl is spiked with Cannabis, liquid LSD, or even a saboteur putting PCP in the lobster chowder on the film set of “Titanic” – that’s when things can get weird. Luckily for us, this Poisoned Punch is totally smokable and full of beautiful terpenes and cannabinoids. No poisons or hallucinations involved.

Subdued Excitement, or SubX, have been cultivating fire craft Cannabis near the Canadian border with a focus on unique genetics, hand-trimmed buds, and a passion for tasty flower and concentrates. When we saw the beautiful purple-frosted plants on Instagram, we knew we had to taste this fruity fire. Twisting open the glass jar releases a wave of fizzy-fuelly dark berries, with a tang of lemon-vanilla cake frosting that smells dankly delicious.

Each nug is completely coated in frosty trichomes, with purple-frosted tips and a sticky center that leaves fingers coated. First tokes are sweet and bright, coating the palate with an effervescent berries and cream flavor that swirls in the lungs before a super clean exhale – delivering relaxing and euphoric effects with each puff. 

Repeated bowls relax limbs and lower inhibitions, as sounds and colors enhance and pop with extra sparkle. The perfect weed to get a hesitant dancer to get footloose to the next DJ set, this tasty punch can also be enjoyed solo for a happy and reflective time in the woods or with a good book. While it may not be recommended to drink alcohol alone, this Poisoned Punch is perfect for sharing, or keeping to the private top-shelf stock for moments of personal celebration and enlightenment. 


This article was originally published in the September 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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