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Psychedelic Relic

from Ayra

This trippy, sativa-dominant strain will relax and invigorate with slightly psychedelic effects.

Take a journey into your senses as the original psychedelic drug gives flight to the mind and body with a floaty, invigorating buzz that’s perfect for bong hit trips over and over again.

Grown and bred by Ayra in the SODO district of Seattle, this unique cultivation is one of the only aeroponic gardens in the PNW. Aeroponic means “working air” in Greek, utilizing a process of air and mist to deliver water and nutrients to plants that are grown without soil. The plant roots are suspended in a system that keeps them hydrated and happy, dangling with white tendrils below that soak up the goodness and send it up to the plants that are grown under LED lighting. This entire system uses a fraction of the water and energy of most indoor grows – not to mention produces spectacular results in flavor and potency.

Returning to psychedelic roots with Cannabis seems fitting for a company that grows aeroponically. Long considered the first globally-used psychedelic, Cannabis has been a tool for enlightenment and spiritual growth for thousands of years. The plant has inspired and changed lives for millenia – and if you think Cannabis isn’t a true psychedelic – go eat a few 100mg edibles and check back the next day. But the true power of Cannabis isn’t in mind-melting, out-of-body experiences like those of DMT or psilocybin, but in making the normal mind-body experience feel amazing each time we consume – which is a trip in itself.

Aptly named for this type of experience, the Psychedelic Relic was bred by Ayra (combining Forum GS Cookies x Obi Wan OG & Pineapple Express x Pink Panther) and is a sativa-dominant combination of Dark Plasma and Pink Pineapple Express. The Dark Plasma brings cookies and OG to a pink and pineapple strain cocktail that blends perfectly into a best of both worlds high. The buds are thick and frosty with hints of purple in the leaves, and a medium-light density that’s perfect for rolling or loading bowls.

Cracking open a nug releases a warming rush of sour grapefruit that melts into pink licorice, layered on top of burnt rubber and earthy kush. Complex, funky and effervescent, the Psychedelic Relic takes the senses on a journey of flavors before the first bowl is even smoked. First hits are sweet and tingly with a super clean, earthy-pink-kush exhale that lingers on the palate pleasantly. The flower burns evenly to a white ash, with little expansion or cough, allowing for big tokes to get the buzz going quickly. 

Effects begin in the mind, wrapping around the frontal lobes with a floaty euphoria that relaxes cranial tension and allows happy chemicals to flow down into the body, which relaxes instantly. Similar to the lighter-than-normal effects of psychedelics, this strain felt a little like a moonwalk – with movements flowing as the body and mind come together in a perfect stoney bliss. With a happy energy and effects that magnify a centered, peaceful aura, this strain is perfect for a daytime weed-only sesh, or to accompany you on your next trippy journey. 

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This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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