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A pungent wave of flavors that are simultaneously sour, funky and creamy.

There’s a saying that a true PNW native never uses an umbrella in the rain, but they all watch out for the puddles that can sneak up and totally change the course of a day.

We’ve all had the moment when the wetness hits our shoes, confirming our fear that the puddle was indeed too deep and our choice of footwear that was once a flex, is now a squishy sponge that lingers with each step onward. It’s perhaps fitting that this decadently beautiful and surprisingly powerful strain is named Puddles, because a bowl of this pungent bud isn’t just a day changer – it has the power to transform you into a puddle on the couch.

Grown by Treehawk Farms in scenic Chimacum, this family owned and operated producer combines a passion for craft strains with the roll-up-your-sleeves attitude that comes with farming, aligning perfectly with the multi-generation dairy farm that the property once was. This specific cut was bred by Cannarado Genetics and grown from seed at Treehawk, where several generations of pheno hunting led to a unique expression of Puddles that can only be found in these jars. Peeking inside reveals deep purple flowers with beautiful contrast against the glistening trichomes, which give the buds a dripping-in-THC glow that is irresistible to look at.

Opening the jar releases a pungent wave of flavors that are simultaneously sour, funky and creamy. It’s one of those smells – coming from your fridge would cause a panic – but oozing from fire weed presents a connoisseur’s dream. The first flavor notes to crash onto the palate are wet dog and rubbery fuel, with a sharp sour grape tang and a creamy musky honey that is the flavor equivalent of a car wreck. You can’t stop smelling this jar, even when you want to turn away from the sinfully attractive funk that captivates the senses.

Overwhelmingly powerful and completely unique, our entire team of professional stoners at Leaf HQ were completely in love with the Puddles – jumping into the jar like a viral TikTok where a puddle is suddenly head deep. The buds are soft with a medium density and a perfect snap, showing the love of a full cure process and creating a perfect smoking texture in a bowl or rolled up. First tokes engage the senses with a berry-creamy-fuel inhale that turns sour before exiting and leaving the lungs smoothly without any harshness, but lingering as a bittersweet funk with notes of anise and menthol puckers lips and flares nostrils.

Now we realize that for all the sweet fruity strain lovers out there, this review might sound intense. But that’s exactly what it is and why it’s such a special strain: The flavors in this flower are completely unique, and so are the powerfully sedative and stoney effects that follow each toke. This strain overwhelms the senses all over again, crashing into the mind with a force that turns brain cells to jelly before melting into the body in waves of euphoria. Get ready to be glued to the couch, rewinding TV scenes three times, and calling your dog by your cat’s name in a baked bliss that makes the anti-drug ‘melting friend’ commercials make sense. Except you are the melting friend … and instead of being judgy, you pass the joint and share the stoniest cut of Cannabis we’ve tried in years.

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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