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Rosebud Kush

from Rosebud Growers

The one-two punch it packs will have you floaty in the head with feet like lead.

These nostalgic nugs take us back to the days when we didn’t consume Cannabis daily for a living. That good ol’-fashioned knock to the noggin is hard to come by with a tolerance that could topple a room full of seasoned smokers. 

Rejoice! Rosebud Growers has risen to the task. That’s probably because this Portland team has been doing its thing since 2016, with plenty of time to perfect cultivars like this Rosebud Kush. The crew at Rosebud hunted this pheno of Solfire Gardens’ “The Don Mega” and tracked down a trophy in this beautifully balanced representation of GMO x Black Banana. 

With wild, heavy nugs donning dark gray-green and lavender-black highlights, Rosebud Kush comes in swinging from the first smoke. The one-two punch it packs will have you floaty in the head with feet like lead. It’s a peaceful package for a wound-up writer with a pacing problem. But we wouldn’t know anything about that…

This cultivar gives off its strong, musty, meaty, woody side at first sniff. But like many things in life, look a little deeper and you’ll find something sweet inside. A burst of berries reveals itself as you break into the nug – imagine the clean, comforting scent of a craft store, somewhere between the dried flowers and scented candles section. While you’re there, you should grab a few arts and crafts supplies because this cultivar has a high chance of tickling your creative characteristics.

As we fire up a fresh bong, our palates are placed in a cup of pepper-kissed cream with flashes of fruit. We’re left with a lingering mouthfeel of dairy-like indulgence and the satisfaction of this powerful smoke.

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This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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