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Runtz S1

from House of Cultivar

Grown by House of Cultivar, Runtz S1 provides a chill, mood-elevating buzz with an exceptionally smooth candy flavor.

The sweetest treat for any cannasseur is tasting a rare strain in both flower and concentrate form, so we dove into the Runtz S1 from House of Cultivar and loaded our lungs up with gassy-sweet terps.

Known for growing unique genetics via a tissue culture lab and extensive pheno-hunting in their SODO production facility, HOC has pushed their quality to new heights with their team of passionate Cannabis enthusiasts. It takes love to care for a strain from start to finish, and to represent it so perfectly is akin to a work of art – albeit one that you can inhale and get completely baked from. 

The Runtz S1 was created by Exotic Genetix. Crossing the original Runtz with itself, the S1 refers to a term called “first filial generation” – a result of reversing the sex of a choice female plant to produce male pollen, which is then used to polinate the same genetic line. This process can heighten different aspects or correct traits in breeding, and in this case, it turns up the sour power on the original Runtz for an extra hit of fuel.

Opening a jar of dark purple, frosty nuggets releases a musky woosh of sour-fruity-candy and piney-dank-creaminess that smells delicious and funky all at once. The buds are completely covered in trichomes, with a bud structure that is both pillowy and dense and perfectly cured, leaving a light stickiness on fingers when breaking up a bowl. Tokes from our bong were exceptionally smooth, coating the palate in a tingly-candy flavor on exhale, with a high that builds from the chest out – wrapping the body in a chill, mood-elevating indica buzz.

Once properly stoned from the flower, we turned our attention to the golden “cookie dough” consistency oil. First flavors are brighter with citrus-candy-fuel hitting the nose, backed up by a sour OG funk that is not as overwhelming as in flower form, leading to an overall slightly sweeter flavor profile. Low temperature dabs enhance this sugary-citrus flavor, teasing the mind with a more euphoric, uplifted, but still totally stoned high. Combined with the effects from the flower, we found our mind floating free in a sedative happy place, while our body slowly relaxed – releasing tension and pain as an overall feeling of wellbeing dominated the day. 

Look for this strain and oil combination, and more pairings from House of Cultivar. Or try out your own flower and dab experience to fully immerse yourself in a strain this summer!


This article was originally published in the July 2021 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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