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from Thunder Chief Farms

A little floaty, definitely spacey and completely stoney.

Whether it’s makeup or breakup season this fall, the return to winter’s grip has delivered a purple powerhouse strain that’s perfect for getting in the mood – or ditching your summer fling for a giant bag of fun-sized candy.

American’s love to be jealous, even though the sweet temptation of what others have can be a bitter pill to swallow. This is why we celebrate reality television and celebrity culture, and creep on our exes and crushes on social media. In the weed world, this emerges as the constant chase for new exotic strains to fill our minds and bodies with heady, stoney vibes. It was in this search for the ‘new new’ that we found the Scotti by Thunder Chief – a cross of Biscotti and Jealousy that feels perfect for this cuddle-friendly time of year.

While some people drive to see the leaves turn beautiful colors in fall, we start hunting for purple strains to numb our brains to the incessant rain and early darkness that marks a return to winter in the PNW – so we were delighted to see the thick, frosty purple nugs that Thunder Chief is growing in Enumclaw. Twisting open a jar releases a rush of floral notes, with a peppery-rose petal front and a candied red berries and sour cookies finish that’s complex and enticing, while breaking up the flower releases a louder funk that lingers on sticky fingers covered in frosty trichomes. 

This flower is packed with THC and resin, taking a minute to break up before loading into a bowl. First tokes grip the lungs with a thick but exceptionally smooth smoke, dazzling the palate with notes of fizzy-grape cookies with a gassy exhale that kept us returning for repeated tokes.

Effects hit quickly, wrapping around the head in a warming fog that slows and confuses thoughts as a happy euphoria melts from the frontal lobes down to fingertips. A little floaty, definitely spacey and completely stoney, the Scotti overwhelms senses like new love or love lost. And while it’s never good to be jealous, the grass is definitely purple at Thunder Chief Farms – offering the perfect stoney bliss to jump into the sheets for whatever form of relaxing pleasure calls this fall.

thunderchieffarms.com | @thunder_chief_farms

This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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