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from Subdued Excitement

SinMintz is a heavy indica hitter with a sweet and bitter taste that delivers sedative effects to the mind and body.

While sloth is one the fabled seven deadly sins, it’s not a morally wrong choice to float away in a wave of SinMintz while continuing to stay home and stay safe this Spring.

Although we all wish for live music and events to return, there is still something special about getting completely stoned and enjoying some indoor entertainment. And with April showers continuing into more May showers, it’s definitely high time to get stoned and embrace the last bit of quarantine before the weather brings us PNW groundhogs out of our dens. So forget the rain, embrace the daze, and join us as we dive into a deep indica pool and float away for a few more weeks.

Subdued Excitement is one of our favorite producers of craft Cannabis at scale, with a focus on unique strains like this tantalizing cross of SinMint Cookies and Zkittles. The resulting SinMintz is ripe with dank Cookies and Kush flavors, while standing out with beautiful jar appeal. Each bud is ridiculously frosty, featuring gorgeous purple coloring and a lightly sticky, medium density structure that breaks up perfectly for smoking.

Opening a nug up unleashes a heavy sour funk with a spritz of lemon-mint that balances the overall flavor into a complex, sweet and bitter Cookies blend that puckers the palate while delivering heavy effects to the mind and body. First inhales are sweeter than expected, with a gassy exhale that leaves the mouth and mind tingling. The smoke is impeccably clean, allowing for big tokes that start a heavy sedative buzz – making any day a lazy, stoney vacation.

Within a few minutes of smoking, the frontal lobes start to feel heavy, nodding the head forward as thoughts slow down and a slightly stupid buzz takes hold. As effects drip down into the body, limbs become heavier and a full on body buzz takes hold – delivering a superb feeling of couchlock. Adjusting to being so perfectly baked, thoughts speed up enough to begin thinking about food and entertainment choices, as well as which blanket would be most comfortable, before finally ushering in an easy agenda of chillaxing and taking more bong tokes.

Proof that THC numbers don’t mean shit when picking out weed, this SinMintz is a heavy hitter at 14.7% THC that delivers on the combination of quality genetics, careful attention to growing, and a loving process from start to cure. Look for this strain and other heady cuts from Subdued Excitement – embracing the sloth this spring as we continue to stay home, stay safe, and prepare for stoney days ahead.

This article was originally published in the April 2021 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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