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Sorbetto #9

from Secret Garden Cannabis

Like releasing a skunk in a RV, filling all available space with a funky fermented fruit with true sour-power.

Bold and fragrant like a fine wine, the Sorbetto #9 is a loud and proud flower bursting with aromatic terps and powerful indica effects.

If you were to replace the “red red wine” with “Sorbetto #9” in the classic Bob Marley song, you’d find that after a few tokes you really understand the meaning. This powerful indica dominant strain carries a stoney, in the moment high to help us forget the woes of fall, accept that winter is indeed here, and focus our thoughts on getting through the cold with a warming, happy buzz. Created by crossing Zkittlez x Sunset Sherbet x Magnum Opus, this #9 phenotype grown with love by Secret Garden is ready to get our minds and hearts in sync for the new season.

Opening a bag of the Sorbetto #9 is like releasing a skunk in a RV, filling all available space with a funky fermented fruit with true sour-power that penetrates nostrils and lingers long after the bag is closed. The nuggets are large and dense, covered in frosty trichomes mixed in with red hairs and hints of purps throughout the bud structure. Broken open the flower releases a fragrant rush of sour-fruity-cream with vanilla and citrus overtones, which are complemented by the raw funky fuel that is at the heart of this delicious flower.

With trichome-covered fingers we loaded a bowl, relishing the softness of the broken up flower once it is deconstructed from dense nugget form. First tokes are all sour, rushing into the lungs and exhaling with a clean, smooth exhale that leaves a creamy-earthy-sweet tingle on the palate. Delicious and easy to smoke, we powered through a bowl quickly, reaching for a second toke as the first wave of effects smack into our cerebral cortex. As thoughts slow and things become fuzzy, motor control remains on point, allowing us to take repeated fat hits – ensuring the potent stoney effects will take complete hold of our entire existence.

Within a few minutes of consumption our stress is gone, because who remembers what we were worrying about anyways? And it’s much more pleasant to focus on the tingly body effects and the moral dilemma of making real food or a Hot Pocket. As our head floats a few extra feet above the body, we start humming the classic Bob tune, realizing that in fact, we do feel quite fine, which is a gift no matter what the circumstances are. Bring it on winter! We’ll be nice and toasty with Secret Garden’s fire cut of Sorbetto #9.

This article was originally published in the November 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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