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Tropicana Kush

from Major League Marijuana

A dynamic, happy and easygoing buzz.

Dive into a tropical flavored, feel-good buzz this winter with the effervescent and fruity terps that power this All-Star hit from Major League Marijuana.

Cookies and Kush go together like sunshine and the beach, and while the only options in the PNW for dipping our toes are quite cold this time of year, we can easily embrace the moment and get in the mood with this stoney, sativa-leaning hybrid. Major League Marijuana teamed up with Oni Seed Company for the genetics and the results are a grand slam of tasty buds reeking of fermented, fizzy citrus. It finishes with a Kush-gas funk that ignites senses from the jar. 

MLM has state-of-the-art, light-assisted greenhouses in an eco-friendly growing environment – and we can appreciate the high terpenes and great flavor from this flower that comes from its exposure to natural light. In our experience, the more natural the growing environment, the better the flavor and effects – and we couldn’t wait to break up these dense and crystally nugs. Loading a bowl covered our fingers with a light layer of sticky sap, but what amazed us was how much louder the flower got as it broke up. The brightness of the citrus turns up to 11, releasing hints of vanilla fuel and a tangy layer of earth and cookies that had our palate watering as we flicked the lighter to start the sesh. 

First tokes are orange dominant and tingle the mouth on exhale, with a superbly clean smoke that fills the lungs easily. This flower is flavorful and easy smoking, and as the bowl burned we found our minds floating free above a relaxed body, gently rocking to the Stick Figure reggae jamming in the background. Within minutes we felt our stress disappear and muscles unclench, as the euphoria from the Trop Cookies melted into the chillaxed vibes of the OG Kush for a dynamic, happy and easygoing buzz. With super-high terps and clean Cannabis, the Tropicana Kush from Major League Marijuana will crush the winter blues like a home run from the Mariners. 


This article was originally published in the December 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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