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UW Purple

from Blue Roots Cannabis Co.

Perfectly cured and trimmed with a satisfying snap that’s ideal for breaking up bowls and rolling up joints.

Born a legend as local to the PNW as Sasquatch or the Klickitat Ape Cat, the UW Purple lives up to the hype with beautiful colors and a high as powerful as this year’s Huskies’ offense.

While that’s a lot of lore in a lede, the Ape Cat is worth a Google (and smoking some stoney weed from Blue Roots will definitely amplify the YouTube video’s effectiveness). There are also rumors that have persisted since the early ‘90s that a strain called UW Purple was stolen from the University of Washington’s Cannabis research facility. It sounds nuts, but it’s more likely that a grad student from the school grew it – rather than the school itself. In an ironic twist, today the college has a Center for Cannabis Research, which is really cool, but no official statement on whether the UW Purp came from a secret lab leak can be found online.

We’re much more interested in the Blue Roots growing facility, where they are cultivating tasty top shelf strains and concentrates, with throwback cuts like Super Silver Haze and new age crosses like the Grape Gruntz. Stored vertically in glass jars, the UW Purple stands out with gorgeous dark purple nugs that are generously coated in frosty trichomes. The weed looks so pretty in the jar that it’s hard to open and ruin the presentation … but the tease of stoney tokes to come is too strong to resist.

Twisting the bottom of the jar releases a deep, earthy-berry-pine-woodsyness that captures the dank forest vibe that is winter in the PNW. The buds smell both powerful and relaxing, perfectly cured and trimmed with a satisfying snap that’s ideal for breaking up bowls and rolling up joints. Flavorful tokes arrive in waves that tingle the palate, delivering instant relaxation.

This is after-work weed – unless you really enjoy your job and it doesn’t involve math or complex thought. Nonetheless, we recommend dropping into sesh mode when consuming the UW Purple and especially enjoyed the quieting of the mind, as the inner monologue goes silent and stress releases from the frontal lobes and radiates out through the extremities. So, consider carving out some time for the most important person in your life: You! And take a break from the holidays with some tasty purple self care from Blue Roots.

bluerootscannabis.com | @bluerootswa

This article was originally published in the December 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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