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White Star

from Skagit Organics

Blending stoney euphoria with just enough energy for any activity.

Get higher than the International Space Station with the smooth and tasty, lighter-than-air Space Weed from Skagit Organics.

Space and stoners have always gone well together, especially when aspiring hashtronauts get so blazed that they can safely be called ‘space cadets.’ But all joking aside, the same technology that allows our intrepid explorers to enjoy ice cream and spaghetti in space is now being used to cure fire strains of weed. In a process known as flash frozen cured, the weed is taken straight from being harvested into a flash-frozen dehydration process that removes the moisture from the buds, drying them under vacuum pressure, and curing the flower in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. You can even store it for months and come back to a fresh-picked bud!

If you’ve ever tried astronaut ice cream, you know that an ice cream sandwich that’s been freeze dried weighs a lot less than a normal ice cream bar, but packs all the taste and flavor with each unique bite. That’s similar to space weed, which feels curiously lighter than air when holding a frosty bud. The flower looks perfect, as the process maintains the bag appearance well, with individual trichomes visible – especially on the super heady cuts like the White Star. Skagit Organics works in collaboration with Jefferson’s Own and Mt Baker Gardens to produce the flower that becomes Space Weed, and they’re growing delicious strains like Gary Payton Runtz that bring flavor and beautiful purple buds with each harvest.

Diving into a big jar of the White Star releases a syrupy, lemon meringue tang with notes of earthy-piney-musk that tease the senses as a bowl is prepared. The flower breaks up easily, crumbling into a lovely finely-ground consistency with minimal effort required for rolling or loading as a bowl. Each bud is beautiful with a light-green body and red hairs that dance with trichomes in a perfect embodiment of a sativa flower, promising a euphoric buzz worthy of the Space Weed name.

FIrst tokes are sweet and incredibly smooth, delivering fat hits with zero cough and a ton of sweet earthy flavor. It’s amazing how the lack of moisture changes the dynamic of the smoke, especially in a blunt or rolled joint, where it burns smooth and without any harshness. The effects hit quickly via a heady, happy buzz rushing into the mind – kicking the senses into a rocket-boosted sativa high that had us orbiting in a productive circuit at the gym before smashing into the kitchen.

Blending stoney euphoria with just enough energy for any activity, the White Star is perfect for an adventure into the woods or on a virtual reality headset. Look for Space Weed at your favorite weed store, and start the new year launching off with a scientific advance in the smoking of our favorite plant.

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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