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Plaid Jacket Banana Runtz with Great Notion Brewing Tip Top of the Morning Sour Smoothie

This pairing hits on familiar breakfast flavors and the smoothie beer will cure any cotton mouth caused by the Runtz.

The Tannins

Great Notion Brewing
Tip Top of the Morning Sour Smoothie
6% ABV
Brewed by the legendary Great Notion, this breakfast-themed sour smoothie beer features a complete breakfast in a can – at least in flavors. Brewed with strawberries, bananas, granola, vanilla, and of course maple syrup, this is the adult version of a balanced start to a sesh. This beer does contain dairy, which makes it totally fine to consume before noon, right?

The Terpenes

Banana Runtz
Live Resin 74% THC 13% Terpenes
Flower 23.21% THC 
(Solfire Gardens Cut, Banana OG X Runtz)
Grown/Processed by Plaid Jacket
Loud and funky, these gorgeous dark purple tinted nugs ooze a creamy-sour-banana aroma with a woodsy-fermented-fruit finish. The buds are dense and frosty and coated in trichomes, leaving fingers sticky before smoking. Tokes are spicy, creamy and immediately stoney after a clean exhale. Diving into the sweeter and creamier honey crystal brings a powerful mind-numbing, relaxed body, and a happy euphoria with a super smooth exhale for a perfect dab.

Washington Tannins Pairing
Photo by Daniel Berman

The Pairing

While both the Banana Runtz and the Top Top of the Morning have names that imply breakfast, this is definitely an early-afternoon treat versus a start-your-day buzz, mainly due to the heady stoniness from the weed. Spacey and relaxing for a midday stoney vibe, the cotton mouth that comes from a dab and a fat bong toke is refreshed perfectly by this beautiful colored smoothie. First tastes have a lovely thickness that’s still big-sippable, with a fruity maple syrup leading the flavor before finishing with a sour-creamy-fruity-granola flourish. Satisfying like a full breakfast with a mellow alcohol buzz, this beer will fill you up for the floaty adventures that the stoney Banana Runtz has prepared the mind and body for – even if they don’t lead you off the couch.

This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue of All Magazines.

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