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Huckleberry Vodka and Tonic Seltzer with Blue Magoo Live Resin

We’ve always had success combining real fruit flavors with exaggerated profiles.

An Oregon favorite, Wild Roots Spirits have been a staple in our home bar since launch. With a base of fresh Pacific Northwestern fruit and premium spirits, it’s always a home run if you’re mixing it up with lemonade – or just topping off with a splash of soda.

It was Cannabis Nation’s Blue Magoo live resin that encouraged this stoney highball. After taking a small dab, we remarked on how flavorful and reminiscent of those old-school nostalgic blue candy flavors this Blue Magoo was. It was like a blue raspberry Jolly Rancher had been turned into concentrate form, and better yet, it included all of the giggly and spacey effects one would hope for.

Magic Seltzer’s tonic is much less quinine forward than we had expected, which is great because instead of that sharp puckering taste we get from some tonics, this had a light herbal flavor that complemented the huckleberry in the Wild Roots perfectly. 

We’ve always had success combining real fruit flavors with exaggerated profiles, and this is a shining example. You get those bright blue candy notes alongside real complex fruit flavor, and end up with something that is better than these flavors in isolation. 

At 50mg of THC, I decided to let the seltzer do all of the heavy lifting in this cocktail. I used the Wild Roots huckleberry vodka as a way to add a note of color and flavor – less than a quarter ounce in each serving. As Magic Number uses live resin in their sodas, this is already a very potent potable.  

This approach allows you to modulate your own dosage, adding as much spirit as you’d like and topping the remaining off with soda for a beautifully refreshing cocktail. Keep a few cans on hand to reward yourself for yard work well done, or for some spontaneous entertaining when friends pop over unannounced. Our highly recommended suggestion? Pair this Blue Magoo live resin with a pitcher of cocktails – just don’t be surprised if your guests never want to leave. 

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of all Leaf Magazines.

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