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Umami Butter Hash paired with Peach Creme Gelato Terp Tonic

The stoner's answer to a cigar and a glass of whiskey.

The Tannins

Maven & Lehua Brands Peach Creme Gelato Live Resin Terp Tonic

Made in partnership with Lehua Brands, Maven TerpTonic is California’s first single-strain live resin Cannabis-infused beverage. Light, refreshing and 10mg, it’s formulated with a simple recipe of pure mineral water from the Salinas Valley, terpene-infused CO2, and fresh Peach Crème Gelato live resin. First, you’ll notice an iridescent color that’s a lot like grapefruit soda. Then, a blast of terpene gas lets you know this pleasant smell is unmistakably Cannabis. The flavor is like terpy sparkling water and as the piney notes make their way over your tongue, you pick up that peach with a flash of sweetness. The combination makes for an intriguing take on the quinine flavor of traditional tonic waters.

The Terpenes

Maven Umami Butter Ice Water Hash

Born from crossing Gelatti with Maven’s Black Diamond X, Umami Butter Hash takes the first part of its name from the Japanese word for “deliciousness.” This 90u ice water hash has a gorgeous golden raisin color that shines when it catches the light. After it warms up, the nose has robust floral notes and a backend with straight OG. As it starts to burn, you get a blossoming flower sweetness overtaken by a savory funk and a hint of something like spoiled vegetables. The flavor makes this hard to put down – flowery but savory and maybe even tangy, you can understand why Maven named this for what many call “the fifth taste.” 

The Pairing

Pairing these two together results in the ultimate high-class ‘cannightcap.’ Umami Butter’s floral sweetness and the sweet flash on the tonic meet in the taste buds and mysteriously cancel each other out. What’s left is a shifting mix of pine, herbs and sour stone fruit. Balanced yet still complex, they seem to temper each other into an experience that keeps you guessing. The stoner’s answer to a cigar and a glass of whiskey, this pairing is best suited for long, slow sips on hot summer nights.

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This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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