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Cannabis as a Psychedelic

Like other plant-based psychedelics, Cannabis is an excellent way to help us view the world through a different lens.

Commonly associated as an intoxicant or a depressant, Cannabis has a long history of being allied with laziness, procrastination and “burning you out.” More importantly, many have disregarded the fact that this sacred herb is much closer to being an entheogen and a psychedelic more than anything else. 

In our March Psychedelia Issue, we seek to expand your minds to the use of Cannabis as a tool to help with mood balance, increased creativity levels, and show you how to utilize the plant as a perspective-changing medium. 

Like other plant-based psychedelics, Cannabis is an excellent way to help us view the world through a different lens, giving us an appreciation for all of the little pieces that influence our scope of life. Smoking a bowl can help you smell and view the flowers in an entirely new way than you have ever encountered them before, or maybe make your favorite meal taste that much better. Both Cannabis and psychedelics can help us identify new instrumentals on a track that we’ve heard a million times, or provide a deeper connection to the lyrics in a song. 

Unlike inhaling Cannabis, when you orally ingest it, your body breaks it down in an entirely different way, creating a longer duration of effects. Once you have eaten an edible, the Delta-9-THC enters the liver and undergoes first-pass metabolism. This process removes some Delta-9-THC and metabolizes a huge percentage into 11-Hydroxy-THC. Once this has happened, the remaining Delta-9-THC and 11-Hydroxy-THC flood our bloodstream and penetrate vascular tissues like the brain and other muscles. Due to the increased 11-Hydroxy-THC, the effects are far more profound than any other way of consuming Cannabis, providing a more psychedelic experience overall.

We are all familiar with the look on a baby’s face seeing something or experiencing a new sense for the first time. Plant-based entheogens like Cannabis and psilocybin can inspire that feeling of being a kid again – helping us further take in our surroundings, seeing them in a new way, and appreciating them for everything they have to offer in more depth. 

It is easy to go throughout life and not take a second to slow down to appreciate all that our short experience here has to offer. Plant-based medicines are a way to realize the beauty within every day, and feel the interconnectedness with Mother Nature and our fellow human beings. 

Photos by @Mr.Melty

About Max Early

Max Early is the State Director of Oregon Leaf Magazine. In this role, Max looks after/coordinates/manages/leads a team providing insight into all aspects of the cannabis industry, including processing and producing knowledge. Solventless concentrates are a quintessential part of his day-to-day life and help him stay balanced. Cannabis has impacted his existence and many close loved ones in such a positive way that he can't imagine life without it!

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