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Clear the Chaos – Meditation and Cannabis

“It’s about achieving stillness. We all want it, we all need it.”

Motion. Can you hear it? It’s everywhere. Everything we know is in constant movement… and movement creates noise. This is part of modern living, and without it, you become suspicious. 

If you ask just about anyone, their Shangri La is somewhere quiet, devoid of distraction – a place where they can escape the rigors of life’s constant activity. At home, even if you turn off the television, draw the curtains and attempt to remove anything in your immediate vicinity that makes a sound, the HVAC unit will unexpectedly break the moment. As you stay on point with the daily patterns that equate to your survival and growth, the basic human need for serenity, on some level – a place to center your existence – gets lost in the shuffle. 

There is a solution. As much as your activities equate to a lifestyle that is filled with distractions demanding your attention, it’s not as much about relocating to somewhere you can hide from it all. It’s about a change in mindset. It’s about identifying your sanctuary, a place where you can recalibrate and begin again with a fresh outlook. Because when it’s finally “me” time, you want to maximize the reward you’ve earned that equates to healing and improving your overall mental health. 

It’s not necessarily about entirely changing your vibration – it’s about tapping into a different frequency. 

According to Nina Wasankari – a Certified Meditation Teacher, in addition to being Marketing Director at Canna West Seattle retail shop – the best way of getting to that place where you can clear the chaos starts with improving your ethos. And that begins with finding a way to create balance in your hectic life: balance within yourself and the over stimulation, tapping into a personal sense of calm.

“It’s about achieving stillness,” she says, “we all want it, and we all need it.”

For many it is so difficult to shut out the racing thoughts. So how can Cannabis be a factor in finding your own little sliver of nirvana?

“The word meditation is a Latin word that means ‘to ponder,’” says Wasankari. “And the practice of meditation goes back 6,000 years. The purpose was and still is, to alleviate suffering and to attain spiritual enlightenment. Cannabis has been around for 12,000 years for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The two combined can be a very effective combination.”

Coincidentally, when you’re meditating, alpha and theta brain waves are increased. The alpha waves put you in a mentally and physically relaxed state. Theta waves bring about inner concentration, awareness and focus, like daydreaming. In a University of Chicago study in May of 2022, scientists tested brain function while under the influence of Cannabis and it showed that there was increased activity of alpha and theta waves after consuming THC. So, when you’re meditating on Cannabis, you’re activating both of those brain waves simultaneously, heightening the experience.

“There was a point where I didn’t feel like I was achieving the deep meditative state I wanted to get to,” says Wasankari. “After practicing for a while, I found that it was improving my mental and physical health. At the same time, I had been learning about high level meditation, but still, that deeper experience seemed to be eluding me. Then I tried combining the two and experienced something remarkable.” 

She certainly wasn’t the first person to attempt this wonderful feat, but like with anything to do with Cannabis, the effects may vary depending on the person. 

“It allowed me to achieve stillness,” she gleams, eager to further validate this discovery. “There’s this yoga/meditation called Kaya Sthairyam, which means body stillness. It’s being able to remain still for at least 30 minutes without moving the body. Well, Cannabis helped me achieve just that. After I ate an edible, I ended up in a very deep spiritual meditation for over an hour. I totally lost track of time. Since then, I’ve incorporated it into my practice.”

So, what about the beginner who loves the idea of disappearing into the ether for a quick reboot, but has difficulty even getting started? Begin by sitting still for at least five minutes a day. As you get more comfortable with the routine, you will gradually move forward to higher meditation levels. In fact, there are wonderful, guided meditations online that will direct you through the process, helping you to become the peaceful, calm, enlightened person the world wants to see. And if you need some help getting in the mood, you should begin “to ponder” the perfect strain to usher you into the right headspace. 

Good Strains for Meditation:

  • Blackberry Kush
  • Blueberry Trainwreck
  • Blue Dream
  • LA Kush
  • Wedding Cake
  • Afghani Hash

Good Apps for Meditation:

  • Headspace: Mindful Meditation
  • Insight Timer- Meditation App
  • Calm
  • Balance: Meditation and Sleep

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This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of All Magazines.

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