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Author: Mike Ricker

Shop Review: High End Marketplace

Flavor, frost and funk – these are the three criteria for products to appear on this dispensary's exclusive shelves.

Girdwood’s Traveling Budtender

"Experimenting is important for people to find where they are most comfortable."

Kenmore’s Theorum

There’s almost a southern hospitality here, where one-on-one attention is what makes your experience exceptional.

Dan Luther at Higher by Badgramm3r

Since getting behind the counter, he’s found ways to steer his own friends and family toward Cannabis.

Happy Trees in Washington

The fun and arcane atmosphere is immediately evident when you’re greeted by a stoned, wooden viking in the foyer.

Joint Rivers’ Outdoorsy Budtender

This activist turned budtender once walked from Seattle to Oakland.

Jessica Dickens Is Living the Dream as Budtender at The Green Shelf

After four years on the job as a budtender at The Green Shelf, Jessica still loves working in the cannabis industry.

Denali Dispensaries’ Terp Man

I don’t even look at the THC percentage because I’m all about the terps.

From Bartending to Budtending

"Budtending is a lot calmer and customers are happier for the most part. Bartending was a lot of free therapy sessions."

Reading Energy

These are the Soaring ‘20s, where open minds will save the planet.

Washington’s Cannabis Caretaker

"I see myself getting a diploma in botany to work my way into production."

Alaska’s Rapping Budtender

“I’ll always have that memory of going to Grandma’s house and recognizing that it smelled a certain way."

Ketchikan’s Happy Transplant

"I call Cannabis my mental meds."

Spokane’s Designing Budtender

"Cannabis turns a frown into a smile."

San Jose’s First Generation Budtender

"I always like to play practical jokes on people, like putting stickers under their mouse."