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Don’t Tread On My Meds

There is no location in the state that we can’t get Cannabis to if a veteran can’t afford his/her own medicine.

Courtesty of Twenty22Many

It’s an honor to be given this space in the November Harvest Issue of Northwest Leaf Magazine. A Veterans Day issue – and an incredible opportunity to thank all who have served and sacrificed for our country. 

I have followed Northwest Leaf since its beginning back in 2010, when Wes would deliver the magazine to medical Cannabis safe access points across the state of Washington – providing our newborn industry with a publication that was by definition, a grassroots Cannabis movement. And what’s not to love? Wes is truly a pioneer to this movement and Twenty22Many thanks him and his team for their unwavering support of veterans and our organization. 

We have over a half million veterans living in Washington state. It has been our mission from the beginning to make sure every single one of them has safe and reliable access to medical Cannabis. For that specific reason, if any veteran makes it to our HQ in Downtown Olympia, we can provide free Cannabis, clones, grow equipment, nutrients and genetics to them – a program we’ve proudly been running since 2012. 

Twenty22Many is one of the very first organizations fighting on a national level for veterans’ access to medical Cannabis, and is the longest-running group of its kind in Washington. We made headlines back in 2012 when we, alongside the support of Senator Hobbs, got PTSD added to Washington’s list of qualifying conditions for medical Cannabis use – immediately securing the protection of veteran benefits statewide. It was a bill that passed without a single “no” vote – something that is simply unheard of in today’s American social justice and political landscape. 

Twenty22many was born out of Rainier Xpress Medical Cannabis Safe Access Point in Olympia (2011). It operated until seven years ago, before being forced to close its doors (2016) to make way for a regulated retail Cannabis market – an industry full of empty promises for veterans and medical Cannabis patients alike. So just like all the great activists and movements in the world, we are proudly – and more importantly, bravely – exercising our civil disobedience in another fashion. We do this to save veterans from suffering and suicide, providing life-saving medicine to homeless veterans at no cost. The VA gives out FREE pills and Twenty22Many gives out FREE Cannabis. One kills nearly 100,000 people a year, while the other has never taken a human life in all of history. 

On June 1, 2023, Twenty22Many and Rx teamed up again and re-opened its doors to provide reliable safe access to veterans – a service the state of Washington had every opportunity to get right. Now, nearly a decade later, veterans and medical Cannabis patients still have no access to clones and still can’t grow at home without a doctor’s authorization, forcing financially burdened veterans to pay hundreds of dollars a year for medical Cannabis authorizations. Here we have also proudly expanded our natural plant remedy access beyond Cannabis, so if you know of a veteran that is in need of a plant-based approach or option in their life, please contact us immediately at twenty22many@gmail.com. There is no location in the state that we can’t get Cannabis to if a veteran can’t afford his/her own medicine. On the front entrance to Rx and Twenty22Many, it states clearly – “Hope Lives Here” –  and we take great pride in providing our warriors hope. 

So on this Veterans Day, please pick up your phone and tell a veteran that you love them. Thank them for their sacrifice, not their service. A very special thanks to the biggest supporters of veterans in the 502 market of Washington State. If you want to support a brand that supports veterans, keep these companies in mind: 

Washington Bud Company 
Ghost Kush Family Originals 
Have A Heart Retail Locations
Sparket Cannabis Port Angeles 
Northwest Leaf Magazine 
Cantanna Fest

This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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