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Maine Considers Psychedelic Therapy

Maine becomes the latest state to contemplate legalizing the consumption of psilocybin.

Ethan Hoover

A new measure introduced in Maine would make the therapeutic use of psilocybin legal for adults 21 and older. The bill, introduced by Sen. Donna Bailey, would establish licensed psilocybin producers and retailers. While it would be legal for adults to purchase psilocybin products, consumption would have to take place under the supervision of “service facilitators.” 

Psilocybin is of course the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms. Research supporting the drug’s ability to help treat mental health disorders like anxiety, depression and PTSD has led to a renewed interest in psilocybin therapy, as well as legalization or decriminalization efforts at the state and local level.

On Election Day 2020, Oregon voters became the first in the country to legalize psilocybin for therapeutic use. Lawmakers across the nation took notice. Since Oregon’s historic vote, psilocybin bills have been introduced in Hawaii, Florida and Connecticut. Additionally, several Massachusetts cities have since approved psychedelic reform initiatives.

Maine’s psilocybin bill is modeled on the Oregon law and even includes instructions to regulators “to otherwise make this Act as consistent as possible in substance to the laws governing psilocybin in Oregon.”

The Maine measure relies on the state’s Health and Human Services department to create the therapeutic rules, establish possession limits and set licensing requirements. A psilocybin advisory board would also make recommendations to regulators. The bill does not require a diagnosis for those seeking psilocybin treatment.

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