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Luminous Botanicals – All-Natural, Full-Spectrum Cannabis Products

“We pride ourselves on using traditional methods that come out of hundreds of years of Cannabis use.”

Photos by Diana Thompson

While helping to make new construction projects more environmentally friendly, Devan Anthony and Sally Alworth saw the benefits of Cannabis concentrates firsthand. With a tweaked back, Devan began using a powerful CBD-dominant regimen that helped tremendously and before long, the two saw the opportunity for an easy-to-dose standardized infusion. By fall of 2014, they were selling their tonics to Oregon’s burgeoning medical market.

We recently visited their facility in Portland to get a glimpse behind the scenes and talk to the two business partners about what makes Luminous stand out.

Sally Alworth and Devan Anthony of Luminous Botanicals.

What was the goal when you started Luminous? 
DEVAN: Neither of us got into this because we thought that we were going to be fantastically wealthy. We set out to build a business that supported the lives we wanted to live while also giving back to our community in a positive way – and we ended up affecting people in really powerful ways. 

SALLY: We pride ourselves on using traditional methods that come out of hundreds of years of Cannabis use. Cleaning them up for commercial distribution, and using the opportunity to spread the word about regenerative organic Cannabis.

What inspired you to take the risk and scale up?
S: The feedback when people tried our products. They say, ‘Wow, this worked in a way that I was not expecting!’ Most people who find our products, stick with them.

I think that speaks to your careful sourcing of flower for the products.
S: Entirely, until our relationship with Eastfork, we were cultivating all of the Cannabis that went into our products ourselves.

D: For me, Cannabis is a plant that opens the door to realizing, in a very intimate and powerful way, the interconnectivity of all living things. It feels better to know that the product you’re consuming was grown with respect, in a way that honors and celebrates that.

What will be the greatest challenges for Luminous in 2023?
S: Support. The reality is that consumers have all the power to support these craft businesses. We know that in Oregon especially, there are a ton of people who are shopping organic at the grocery store, and they’re spending the extra couple of bucks to get spectacular coffee or great craft beer. What excites us is that we’re finally starting to see people bring those values back into the dispensaries. 

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Photos by @dude.diana

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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