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Ray Carr is Alaska’s Rapping Budtender

“Smoking always helps with getting my creativity going.”

With a penchant for the plant from a young age, Ray Carr is no stranger to the myriad of benefits available to those who choose to consume Cannabis. But it’s been his work in the industry in his adult years that’s been a true game-changer – where he’s been able to nurture the healing processes for his grandmas, as well as keep his own creativity flowing. 

You’re still relatively new to the industry, but we heard a rumor that you used to get in trouble for smoking when you were younger.

I got in trouble for it a lot growing up, but not too much with my parents. My dad was always cool with it, but it was more like my teachers who had an issue with it. I wouldn’t smoke in school, but I would always come in smelling like pot. My hoodies always smelled like weed from the night before.

What made you want to get into budtending?

My grandmothers both had breast cancer, and they both beat it. But then, one of my grandmas later got diagnosed with brain cancer, and she lost her battle with it. My remaining grandma has a lot of health issues and uses CBD to help. I really think if it weren’t for smoking or CBD, she probably wouldn’t be here much longer. I’ve always thought it was interesting to learn about marijuana and everything else it can do, because it’s so misjudged.

Apart from Cannabis, what are your other passions?

I’m an aspiring rapper. I usually don’t do the beats, though – I have a producer I go to for that. But other than that, I just try to make music I can be proud of. That’s actually what I want to do for a living eventually. So it’s cool to have Cannabis and music because I can go home, make my music, and then come back and do something I love that helps people.

So, do you usually smoke before you write your music?

Yeah, for sure! Smoking always helps with getting my creativity going. I’ll get a lot of writer’s block, but when I’m sitting there smoking, I start thinking clearer and I usually have a breakthrough.

Do you have a rap moniker, and if so, where did it come from? 

My nickname growing up was Ray Ray because I’m already a junior. Then one day, I was rocking a couple of necklaces, and my brother said, ‘Screw 2 Chainz! It’s all about 2 Rayz!’ Naturally, the nickname stuck.

Where can people find you on social media? 

I am @theofficial2rayz on Instagram, and you can find my music on Spotify.

Photos by @shipeshots

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This article was originally published in the August 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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