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Oregon’s Fiery Budtender

"I just want to make everyone’s day a little better."

Attis Trading Co. really means it when they say they dedicate themselves to the art of fine Cannabis. Coming from a Humboldt beginning, this farm and multi-store company strives to provide the best Cannabis products on the market while continuing to educate consumers about all things Cannabis. Their SE Portland location is notorious for its exceptional customer service and reliable staff – like budtender and assistant manager Crystal Laird. She has the expertise, charm, and fiery personality to confidently direct customers to the products best suited for their specific needs. Able to put a smile on anyone’s face, Crystal provides an experience that leaves customers both happy and more knowledgeable than when they first walked through the door. 

How and when did you get into the industry? What drew you to it?

I was fortunate and had friends in the industry who would come into the coffee shop where I worked, and see my drive and enthusiasm almost every day. They recruited me into the industry about four years ago. 

What kind of impact do you want to make on the community through your work in Cannabis?

In general, just helping people. So many people come in with pain, both physical and emotional, and they’re just looking for some form of relief. To take the load off after a hard day of work, or to help their anxiety and get through the day. I just want to make everyone’s day a little better.

How does Attis align with your own future goals?

I became an Assistant Manager with Attis and continue to learn how to develop my managing and people skills. Here at Attis we really pride ourselves on customer service. This has helped prepare me to be patient and look beyond my own needs. I really do enjoy this type of work and hope to continue it, wherever it may take me. 

How has Attis Trading Co. helped you develop your love for Cannabis?

Attis has taught me a lot about the industry and it’s unlike any retail job I’ve experienced. The customers are so kind and genuinely happy to see me, and I love teaching customers about a new product. Smoking used to be so taboo – since working at Attis it’s made me realize how the world is changing and adapting. 

What goals do you have for 2021 relating to Cannabis?

I’m obsessed with the cannabinoid CBN that has been more recently coming to light. I’m hoping to see it replace a lot of pharmaceutical drugs on the market for sleep deprivation. As for 2021, to see Cannabis becoming decriminalized has been a huge step forward, and I hope to continue to see that progress. 

What do you want potential customers to know about Cannabis?

There are so many different things being discovered every day that can help people with all the different ongoing issues they may have, whether it’s pain, sleep, anxiety, etc. There’s a specific product or strain to help with each one. It’s not all about high THC content (which a lot of customers tend to care about.) I wish people would be more interested in different terpenes and cannabinoids that will cater to a person’s body more so than others. Ask questions, let your budtenders teach you new things. 

What are some things customers can do to make both your and their experience better?

Just to understand that things run out and don’t necessarily last forever. It’s sometimes difficult to keep the same product on the shelf for long periods of time. There’s something else out there for you so don’t be scared to try something new! You could be surprised. 

What are some issues you see with the Cannabis industry today?

The constant competition and need to one-up the other. The battle between companies wanting to be on top, rather than supporting each other. 

How has Cannabis personally helped you?

I’ve always enjoyed smoking, but it has guided me into this whole new world. I love how Cannabis can be used topically and I’m very into the cosmetic side of it. I used to make CBD and THC bath bombs, and they were a game-changer. Who knew you could put Cannabis on your face or soak in a tub with it? It’s incredible! I can’t wait to see all the new creative things that companies come out with. 

What’s your favorite stoner activity and/or munchie foods?

I like going out to restaurants and I’m always the one that takes half the table outside to smoke a joint in the parking lot before our food gets to the table!

Flower or dabs? Preferred method of consumption?

I’m a flower girl all the way. I enjoy smoking out of my bong or sharing joints with friends (pre-COVID). Dabs just make me too unmotivated. I love sativas because I am a fast-paced person and don’t need anything slowing me down!

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This article was originally published in the January 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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