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Dan Luther at Higher by Badgramm3r

Since getting behind the counter, he’s found ways to steer his own friends and family toward Cannabis.

Dan takes advantage of his home state’s outdoors scene by hiking, camping, longboarding, snowboarding, and getting out on the motorcycle when weather permits. Since getting behind the counter, he’s found ways to steer his own friends and family toward Cannabis and an overall better way of life. 

Have you lived anywhere outside of Alaska?
I moved to Denver about three years ago and then returned home after just under a year. 

Did you notice any parallels between Colorado and Alaska in the Cannabis world?
Well, there are a lot of differences. It appeared to be saturated down there, which was evident when I walked in the door and immediately got offered a free pre-roll. That was a big surprise and a nice one, I’ll say. Things are much less expensive down there and I noticed that you don’t get to know your cultivators and budtenders as much as you do here. There’s a lot more one-on-one in Alaska within the industry. We’re a more relationship-based culture, I think. 

Did you notice much difference in quality?
Pretty much the same, you’ve got your top shelf and your mids. But there was a company down there called Caviar that makes infused joints that are really good, and I’d be quite pleased to see them come north.

What about Rocky Mountain Oysters?
Oh no! No, no, no. I did get offered them when I was down there, and I will try a lot of things – a big foodie – but bull balls is not one of them.

So, you’ll just stick with the Beluga caviar?

Hey, consumption lounges are opening. Do you see Wasilla getting in on the action?
I really hope so, but I hope they do it right – so it doesn’t get shut down and create a stigma. 

What is doing it right?
Not allowing criminal behavior around it. We need to prove that we’re within the law so everyone can benefit.

Photos by @ShipeShots

About Mike Ricker

The first time Ricker smoked weed was at a Santana concert at the age of 12. He then followed in his footsteps as an award-winning radio personality who became notorious for offering a stage for bong toking listeners in 9 different markets over 20 years. In 2016, the Cannabis industry came calling and the rest is history.

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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