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Photo by Bailey Jonson

David Jennings from Solar Cannabis Co.

"Having interactions with a myriad of people who come in to help with their needs can be a truly gratifying experience."

Solar Cannabis Company has two locations open in Southeastern Massachusetts, with a third set to open soon. They place a huge emphasis on sustainability – utilizing acres of solar panels, thermally-efficient insulation, LED lighting and heat recycling technology – all in an effort to reduce, and eventually reverse, their energy footprint. We stopped by their Somerset location to speak with celebrated local budtender David Jennings. 

How long have you been utilizing Cannabis to improve your quality of life?

I started using Cannabis when I was about 20 years old. Five years later, I discovered that this was something that could have a positive impact on my mood and day-to-day pain. I developed a special relationship with Cannabis from then on and haven’t looked back. Originally not knowing it would have such a profound impact on my life, I’ve now found it to be something that not only helps me, but might help others, too. 

What’s it like to cater to Cannabis consumers every day? Do you share a similar common ground with many of them?

Everyone who walks in the door at Solar Cannabis Co. is interested in Cannabis to some degree. So having Cannabis as the commonality with customers makes a lot of the interaction easier and more personal. There are a lot of people from all walks of life that come into the dispensary each day. Having those interactions with a myriad of people who come in to help with their needs can be a truly gratifying experience. Our customer base varies greatly throughout the course of a day. It could be someone dropping by on their 21st birthday, a novice Cannabis user, or an elderly individual looking for something to help them sleep. Having Cannabis as a common interest with our customer base really allows me to get to know those people on a personal basis. 

David Jennings from Solar Cannabis Co.
Photo by Bailey Jonson David Jennings from Solar Cannabis Co.

What are some of the questions you ask when trying to assess strain specific needs?

Each customer and their needs are so different; however, once I get to know a repeat customer, we eventually get to find out what product piques their interest and works best for them. One of the best parts of my job is when a customer comes back with good news and stories about their experience with the products I suggested. 

What’s your favorite part of working for one of the most popular dispensaries in New England?

Solar is cultivating and producing some amazing products, which seems to be bringing more new customers through the door. Their popularity has even brought in people on vacation that are experiencing dispensaries for the first time. I really enjoy working with these first-timers. To know that I can provide some sort of help and product knowledge means a lot to me. 

What are your favorite strains or product recommendations offered at Solar?

I’m a big fan of our Waffle Cone and Purple Trainwreck flower. I like indicas and those are two of my favorites. Another one of my absolute favorites are our ‘byky’ espresso hazelnut bonbons. They’re a mix of Cannabis, chocolate and coffee! 

How can our readers keep in touch with you?

Please visit me anytime at Solar Cannabis Co. in Somerset, Mass. Come on in and say high!

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This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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