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Fweedom’sForbes Holroyd

"We get people from all over the state that come in for our solventless collection especially."

If you’re looking for the freshest flower on the shelf or a rosin recommendation tailored to your ideal terp profile, head on over to Fweedom in Seattle to see Forbes Holroyd. We recently stopped by to chat about what’s in his personal smoke stash, when to pick up the most sought-after solventless drops, and of course, weed and wellness.

You always make really great recommendations and know what’s fresh and hot in the shop. How did you learn so much about all these brands and products?

I remember when I was first 21, I had convinced myself I could never work at a dispensary because you had to have so much knowledge of the product. One day I came to Fweedom to shop and saw they needed a security guard immediately, so I got hired doing that. I ended up just naturally learning about all of the products from hanging around the shop doing security. When a spot opened up to be a budtender, I got brought on and have been here doing that for almost two years now.

Fweedom gets a lot of the latest rosin drops – do people travel here for those, and when do they come out?

Oh yeah, we get people from all over the state coming in for our solventless collection especially. We have a lot of PNW Roots strains that most shops just don’t get, or when Bacon’s Grease comes out, people will come far for that stuff. We put new rosin drops on the shelves for our Solventless Saturday deal. We do 30% off all concentrates, so people go crazy for it!

If we looked in your personal smoke stash right now, what would we find?

The Candy Milk from Oz Gardens. I just had to get a half-ounce because I tried some and it was so good. I always have some Hyphy from Torus, and also just got some of the Peanut Butter Gelato from Backpack Boyz. That stuff was smoking.

This is the Weed & Wellness issue – so, what do you do to chill out and relax on your days off from the shop?

I like to take a 1:1, either a Mobius drink or a pack of Wyld edibles. That’s usually how I chill out because I like the way the 1:1 ratios hit.

Do you use Cannabis while you exercise, like before you work out or while you’re on a hike?

Absolutely, yeah. I play basketball a lot, and I usually smoke before I play or work out. I never really thought about it like that as part of my wellness routine, but yeah, it totally is!

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This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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