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HypeHerbally Dynamic Budtending Duo

These best friends - and big-time animal lovers - take pride in helping people find the ideal Cannabis products.

Meet Oscar and Ralphy: Beyond both being managers and badass budtenders over at HypeHerbally in Lynwood, they’re also best friends and big-time animal lovers. You can keep up with their hashy, hound-filled happenings at @smokemeow.t and @neighborhoodterpologist.

How long have you both been part of the HypeHerbally team?
Oscar: Two months officially, but I’ve been a friend of the company for years now.
Ralphy: Since we opened our doors on January 1, 2019! 

What brands in the shop have you been really into lately?
O: For concentrates, Fugu. If we’re talking flower, I’m in between K Savage and Legendary right now.
R: I’m going to say Premier Cannabis for concentrates, and Legendary Laboratories for flower. 

What’s the one product you get asked for the most as a budtender?
O: Everybody’s looking for that heavy indica – something to just completely change their demeanor and how they’re going about their day. Like maybe if they just got off work or are looking to pass out for the night.
R: Those heavy indicas are definitely the most requested category … We’re pretty fond of that over here, as we’re a high-level indica store.

Besides the shop, HypeHerbally also has its “Hype House” event space. What’s your favorite Hype event you’ve been a part of?
O: They’ve all been so much fun in their own unique way. My favorite event recently was Prosperity Glass Show, which was organized by the Hype Group. 
R: I’d have to say the Freddy’s Fuego pheno hunt back in 2021. 

When you go to smoke flower, do you reach for a piece of glass or roll up?
O: Glass while I’m rolling up.
R: Rolling up, always. 

Okay, so when you’re rolling up – joint paper or blunt leaf?
O: I prefer blunts, but joints are my favorite for trying out new cultivars just because you can get really nuanced flavors in papers that would otherwise get washed away.
R: I’m notorious for my “Ralphy blunts.” I use Fronto leaves, and can honestly take credit for putting a big portion of the Pacific Northwest on to them. I’d been using them on the East Coast for years and when I came here to Washington, no one knew a thing about what they were – but now they’re pretty available around.

Do you have a go-to munchie snack?
O: Uncrustables and Wheat-Thins.
R: Chips and dip. Right now, I’m loving the Elote dip from Trader Joe’s. Just about any Trader Joe’s dip, I’m a fan of. 

Ralphy, we’ve also got your two dogs here in the shop. Tell me about them!
R: Churro is a mini doodle and Luna is a beautiful mutt mix. They love hanging out at the shop with all of the employees. They’re celebrities over at the Hype House, too.

And Oscar, I hear you’re very close with your cat…
O: Yes, her name is Irie. My ideal way to spend a day off is at home, kicking it with her, just blazing it. 

Do you guys ever give them CBD?
O: Irie is pretty low-key, so we really haven’t had to – but one time when she was having a reaction to a medication, we gave her some and it really helped.
R: When daddy needs a couple of hours to himself, they definitely get a dose every once in a while. I’m a big fan of the CBD from Fairwinds. They have a bacon flavor that they absolutely love. 

Finally, if your pets were a strain, which one do you think they’d be?
O: Irie would be something offensive, like GMO or Egg Roll. 
R: Churro is super upbeat, so she’s sativa vibes all day. Sour Diesel for sure. Luna would have to be Gelato because she’s sweet, strong and mighty.

Photos by @nwleaf

This article was originally published in the November 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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