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Budtender Jackson Keahikama’ehu from Apex Cannabis

I’m mainly a flower person but like concentrates as well. Really, I just like trying anything new we get into the shop!

This month, we’re chatting with Jackson from Apex Cannabis out in Moses Lake – a standout dispensary with a sleek design and sizable menu – situated just a few blocks back from the picturesque waterfront. You won’t want to miss stopping by this shop if you find yourself in Central Washington. Make sure to follow @jacksons.jpg and @apexmoses to keep up with the Apex team in the meantime!

When it’s time to get stoned, what’s your go-to method of consumption?
I’m mainly a flower person but like concentrates as well, and use a lot of those little Ray’s Infused Lemonade shots throughout my days off. I also have a vaporizer and like pulling on that because it’s less harsh for me. Really, I just like trying anything new that we get into the shop!

Since flower is your favorite, which strains could we usually find in your smoke stash?
Root Down and Khush Kush are the brands that take my heart for flower. The Wonder Kid is one of my favorites from Khush Kush, and I really like Jungle Lava from Root Down.

As a budtender working in the industry, how do you stay tapped into the Cannabis culture?
Honestly, I have the most experience just looking through the Leaf! We have all the archives of old issues at the shop, and I like going through them and seeing what’s been going on locally and throughout Washington. I remember seeing the interview with Forbes, last month’s budtender, and relating to him a lot. I also got my start in the Cannabis industry by working security at a dispensary – taking some time to learn everything and understand it all before becoming a budtender.

What gave you that passion for learning about Cannabis?
I’m Polynesian, so I feel I have a lot of roots with natural substances and anything that can be used from the land. I also did trail work, so I became even more curious about plants and what we could be using them for medicinally. When I was doing a lot of outdoor labor on Mount Rainier, I was always in pain. I had a naturopathic doctor and had been getting tinctures with kava and other things. I started opening my eyes to ‘What if I used THC and CBD tinctures instead, and how could that help me?’ It’s done wonders for me so far!

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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