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Photo by Diana Thompson

Love Buzz Budtender Tinisha “Tini” Bruce

"I just want to make sure everybody has what they need and I want it to work for them – like my topicals do for me!"

From making sure the rotation is always supplied to being the best mama she can be, Tini strives to be the greatest source of help possible. She’s experienced the wellness that topicals bring to her tendonitis, so Tini is committed to sharing the benefits of Cannabis with those around her. Whether at Love Buzz in Portland or with a group of friends over some Cards Against Humanity, her passion for the plant and for others always results in bringing the two together.

What does wellness mean to you?
It means pain-free and easy-going… you know, so you don’t freak out on everyone. It makes it [life] livable! I have tendonitis in both of my hands, so my lotions and topicals are number one, everyday, especially when it’s cold. High Desert Pure is awesome for helping my hands not cramp and be able to serve the people all day. Even though Cannabis can affect everyone so differently, I just want to make sure everybody has what they need and I want it to work for them – like my topicals do for me!

Do you feel like Cannabis is socially acceptable here, yet?
I think it has become more socially acceptable, yes… being a teen mom back then, it was hard being a Cannabis smoker – thinking I could get my kid taken away from me. But now, when I go to my kids’ parent-teacher conference and they ask what I do for a living, I’m always like ‘uhhh, Cannabis’ – and they respond positively. So, yeah… definitely has become much more acceptable. 

It’s the end of a stressful day and you want to partake in some self-care activities, what are you doing?
Crime shows and an edible! Any murder mystery, serial killers, all of it… on an edible like the Hapy Kitchen brownie and put it in the air fryer. Also, I love any joint that is infused and dipped in oil and rolled in kief… oooh, I’ll call it good! 

Favorite time of year for Cannabis activities and what are you doing?
Summertime and hiking Silver Falls.

You’re in a rotation of five of your closest friends: How are you indulging and what activity is going on?
Cards Against Humanity and a joint rolled by yours truly in my roller. Also, Kings Cup kind of thing, except using our own rules … like confessions of a petty kind, where everyone confesses something petty they’ve done or has been done to them … like I had an old roommate take my shower rings off my shower curtain.

How can Cannabis and its benefits continue to become more socially acceptable?
Speaking out! You have to speak out and let people know what Cannabis can do for you and everyone. If no one speaks out, no one knows! 

What are your thoughts on Cannabis social events and what they do for the community?
There’s little-to-no places that offer social consumption events. We need more places! If we can have bars out the wazoo, then we should be able to have designated Cannabis consumption places. I can also take shots until 2-2:30 a.m., yet I can’t get a joint past 10 p.m. All I want to do is smoke a joint and eat my late night pizza! Like what about the people who get off late, super early, or night-shift people? Safe spaces are so needed for all types. 

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Photos by @dude.diana

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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