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Lucky Lion’s Sean Thomas

There’s just something about smoking and making a song that releases me.

Originally from the East Coast, Sean Thomas made his move from Maryland to Oregon with a curiosity for the burgeoning Cannabis industry that could not be contained. Two years later, he’s selling the “green flower thing everyone told him to stay away from” and holding it down as the assistant manager at Lucky Lion on Sandy Boulevard in Portland. 

What is your favorite way to use Cannabis?
My favorite way to use Cannabis is to have fun and relieve stress … nothing like coming home from a long day of work and vibing, rolling up a spliff to relax! I also like to use Cannabis when I need to critically analyze complicated situations, as a meditation aid, and sometimes for creative inspiration. I do musical art outside of the Cannabis industry in Atlanta (signed to Awful Records), so it helps a lot in calming nerves in hectic situations. Life can move so fast sometimes – Cannabis has done nothing but HELP me slow down so I can regain my balance/focus! Hopefully in the future Cannabis can finally be used in a way of understanding and community. 

Favorite stoner snack?
A nice big bowl of ice cream to cool down! Right now I’m kind of stuck on Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey flavor, but normally I’m a chocolate guy. Rocky Road has me in a headlock (laughs). Special shout out to the corner store as well – I probably eat a corn dog and fried chicken right after every smoke session! 

Have you ever seen a ghost?
Yes, I do believe I’ve seen a couple ghosts in my lifetime. Now this isn’t a bad thing – I’d say only because ghosts can indeed be angels or spirits watching over you, praying for your health and safety. Now I’m not going to take you guys down my rabbit hole about ghosts, if you do want to dive deep, come by Lucky Lion on Sandy and we can chop it up! But I will say there are always people watching over you whether or not you’re conscious enough to see or hear them. 

What advice would you give yourself to be the best you can be?
Never stop believing in unconditional love. That’s one thing that was instilled in me at a very young age and although I can’t explain it after 25 years of life, I’m blessed to be able to share that with others who have never experienced something like that. … Every day I’m striving to be the absolute best version of myself, so it’s natural for me to want others to do the same for themselves. 

Favorite stoner activity, or things to do while high?
One of my favorite activities to do is music and meditation. To a point, making music to me is a form of meditation/therapy – the other half is just for fun and vibes! Sometimes it’s hard getting people to understand your worries/thoughts or maybe you don’t have anyone to help you think it out. Music cures that for me. … [there’s] just something about smoking and making a song that releases me – a certain type of euphoria that helps my mental health stay positive! 

Would you rather have 100 duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?
The more the merrier! Want to know what I’d do with 100 duck-sized horses? Yeah, I don’t know either – but that’s probably enough for me to take over the world. I’m trying to imagine what that would look like in real life … maybe imagine a mini horse but even smaller, then multiply by 100. Saying all that … I just started to think about one horse-sized duck and I’m honestly conflicted. … Unfortunately, right now in this economy, I’ll take the one horse-sized duck for the win! 

Photos by @dude.diana

This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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